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Greg Secker Inspires Others With Financial Trading Expertise

Greg Secker has always believed in asking “Why not?” instead of “Why?”. He finds the most success by saying yes and then finding he solutions along the way. He used this belief when he made trades while flying over Canary Wharf. He did not think about why he was doing it, but rather why not. He was able to promote awareness for the chary and give money to those who needed it. He also showed that it is possible to make money no matter where you are and no matter the time.

While in studying agriculture and food sciences are school, Secker was also building and selling computers. This provided with the real experience coding experience he needed to make an impression at the Thomas Cook Financial services stand at a job fair. From there, Secker state working on the currency trading floor which went on to become the first online currency trading platform. This is what peaked his interest in the foreign exchange trading program. He immediately began trading using his coding and computer knowledge and stuck to a strategy driven plan.

Due to his success trading himself, Secker was able to retire very early. This gave him the time he needed to attend a variety of trading seminars which is where he got the idea to teach others about foreign exchange. This led to the creation of the Greg Secker Foundation, an organization meant to empower you people and propel them toward success. Becker believes that speaking internationally will allow everyone in the world to have access to the tools to better themselves. He believes it is all about empowering people. He hopes to help the Philippine people next.

Greg Secker is currently located in London, United Kingdom. He is a finance trading professional that is also interested in technology and advancing innovation. He spends his free time drinking coffee, staying physically fit and healthy, and watching sports.

He has written several books that seek to further intention education in the financial trading subject. He has founded several companies including Capital Index and FC Capital and also founded a non-profit organization that serves to help others.