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The entertaiment industry in the United States is one of the most profitable exports in the country. While music and other forms of entertaiment are popular, the movie industry continues to be the entertainment leader. While the top movies of the year tend to come out in the summer or around the holidays, a recent news article has pointed out that a few movies that are out right now or coming out soon will have a major impact at the box office and at year end awards shows.


According to a recent news article ( , the scifi thriller Arrival is likely to do very well at the box office and with reviewers. The movie, which stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, among many other solid cast members, is the latest blockbuster attempt at an alien invasion. In this film Amy Adams’ character will play a linguist that will attempt to communicate with the aliens while the rest of the world begins to panic and prepare for a war. Experts believe that the film will earn around $20 million, which is low compared to other blockbusters, but will likley earn a cult following.


Another movie that will continue to do well at the box office is Dr. Strange. This film, which takes place in the Marvel Universe, is unlike many other superhero films. While the film will not get as much of a revenue stream as other films in the same universe, it has a very deep storyline that critics have been raving over.


The third film that is going to do well when awards come out is Hacksaw Ridge. This film, which was directed and produced by Mel Gibson, is an unusual war story. As opposed to following around soldiers that are in battle during the war, the story focuses on a medic that refuses to carry a weapon to fight the enemy. He ends the film as a major hero and is credited with saving dozens of soldiers on the battlefield.