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Black Panther vs. Tomb Raider at the Box Office

“Tomb Raider” hit theaters, but it still has not been able to knock out the box office Champion “Black Panther.” This does not take away from the fact that Tomb Raider is a great movie. At this time, however, it is facing great competition from a movie that is already on track to make more than a billion dollars. Initially, “Black Panther” had the black audience. As the reviews came in for this movie the praise went up and in it became a hit for a second weekend. After that it would continue to reign for more than a month as one of the better films of 2018.

All of this would give people a chance to take in a movie that many people may not have expected to reach a billion dollar mark. This is the first of its kind. The good thing about a movie like “Tomb Raider” is that there is already a built-in audience. There are video games, and there were already two movies in place before the release of new movie. This time around Angelina Jolie is not the main character. There is a fresh face on the screen, but she has all of the ambition of a young Angelina Jolie. The film is good, and the action scenes are intense. All of this adds up to a very likeable film that can easily translate into a box office smash as time goes on.

More people will gravitate to it as the fire for “Black Panther” goes dim. This is a good time for a movie like “Tomb Raider” to hit theaters. It is spring break for a lot of kids, and the early spring moviegoers are getting ready to come out and take in the movies. This makes it excellent for people that are looking for something that is action packed.

The good thing about a film like “Tomb Raider” is the middle ground that it possesses for people that want action movies. It is rated PG-13 so there’s not a ton of gory violence, but it still has enough action packed into this to be something that adults would take interest in. The fact that it caters to such a wide demographic is what makes easy blockbuster material.