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Tomb Raider Reboot Has Begun Production

There have been constant talks of an upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Tomb Raider was a popular video game franchise that had a promise for a really good film franchise. Unfortunately, the film franchise was plagued with the same curse as other franchises based on video games. Of course, there are now attempts to bring another big screen adventure from the game to the audience. Production has recently started on the film. Therefore, fans can rest assured that they are going to see their favorite adventure icon on the big screen again.


Tomb Raider has spawned a couple of films starring Angelina Jolie, who looked a lot like the video game model of Lara Croft. She has done the best she can with her role. The film was considered good enough to warrant a sequel called The Cradle of Life. The film was panned and any future films with Angelina Jolie as the Tomb Raider have been scrapped. It would be almost 15 years before they finally get a new movie off the ground. However, since the last movie, Lara Croft has gone through a lot of changes. Even her model has changed quite a bit bearing very little resemblance to the original model.


This is one thing that occurs regularly in video games. The model for the characters can change quite drastically. However, there are some models that more or less remain the same. One model is Mario. However, there other models that change drastically include B. Orchid from Killer Instinct. They did hire an actor who looks a lot closer to the current model of Lara Croft


While some could say that they have hope that the film will be good, there is the fact that the curse of video game movies have yet to lift in Hollywood. Other territories have made some good movies based off of video games. One that comes to mind is Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.