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Todd McFarlane Meeting for Actors for Spawn Movie

Todd McFarlane Discussing Movie Roles for Spawn

It’s been known for some time that a reboot of the movie “Spawn” was in the works, but now it’s officially time for the casting calls to begin.

Todd McFarlane has been given the honor of being the man in charge of directing the reboot to the comic book character, and started off by first going to his Instagram to confirm that the casting process has started. As of now, there are no known roles for the movie yet, but he has thrown some names around such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx for key roles. DiCaprio is seen as an interesting choice, since most of his roles tend to be involving more prestige materials.

What’s interesting about the movie is that McFarlane has definitely suggested that it will be a more “twisted, psychological affair,” and even more interesting is that Spawn won’t have a speaking role. What’s more, the movie is also supposed to be grounded realistically and Spawn will be the main supernatural part of the whole movie. He also said that the main character of the movie will actually be a guy named Twitch, who is a private investigator.

Spawn is a cult comic that involves Al Simmons, a hired assassin who is betrayed and killed by his bosses, and comes back to Earth by literally making a deal with the devil, as a Hellspawn. As a result, the character turned into an anti-hero. Being a reboot, it should be known that the original comic was made into a movie adaptation in 1997, with Michael Jai White as the leading role of Spawn. The movie itself was pretty successful, but was rated PG-13 and as a result had a lot of explicit elements from the comic removed for audiences. Furthermore, the movie had a lackluster script and was topped off with heavily hammy acting. Still, it remained a cult favorite among many fans.

There’s no official release date for the Spawn reboot, but 2019 seems to be the year that McFarlane has in mind for release.