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Simple Tips to Improve your Photography with Smartphone: Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

For most, taking better pictures with your smartphones requires same skills as taking better images using your cameras according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Have a good lighting and an eye to creating a better scene. You should also understand photography widely. However, there are some tricks which are instrumental in taking quality pictures. Here are the skills that can take your photos mainstream in social media.

Take an extra second
When phone cameras appeared first, they offered the greatest opportunity to provide quick photos without having a camera. Because qualities of pictures were little, its adoption was limited. However, there is no excuse for bad quality pictures now that smartphone cameras are equipped with the features of a real camera. Make sure the composition is accurate says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, take an extra second, try to improve the angle and lighting to include everything you want in the background.

Use Composition Principles
When you want to compose a scene, many things come intuitively. Therefore, do not help the environment get you a good photo. For instance, placing the horizon at the center of the scene will create an out-of-balance picture. For this reason, the viewer will not know what to see. You should, therefore, research about the five different composition rules.

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Come closer
Smartphones do not provide optical zoom. This is the main disadvantage with them. For this reason, you will receive picture distortion when you zoom. The photo will be better if you have it cut. Trimming comes later. Therefore, you must take the picture before you approach what you want. You can approach the landscape, the object in the photo, or anything that looks appealing in the environment.

Eliminate the Flash
The light coming from your smartphone or camera can be obstructive. They create strange highlights and shadows. The photo can be ruined by these effects with unwanted reflections. Unless the only way to make a better picture is to use the flash, it is recommended to be turned off. Take advantage of the natural light. It is the best source of lighting. This action allows a balanced illumination

Jose Figueroa is an executive based in Venezuela. He has different positions as a President, Treasurer, and Director of five companies based in Panama. For over four years, he has served as the longest president of the companies. He was first appointed in 2011. In Panama, Figueroa has worked in the business environment in mentoring young leaders towards growing and improving their economic conditions.

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