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Thor: Ragnarok to Feature the Magic of Dr. Strange

Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be a very interesting movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is the third entry in the Thor trilogy, but the project is turning into an ensemble film. In addition to The Hulk, fans are now learning that Dr. Strange is going to play a major role in the film.


Marvel is clearly following the lead of Captain America: Civil War and turning Thor: Ragnarok into a subset of The Avengers series. Granted, Dr. Strange was a Defender and not an Avenger. The Sorcerer Supreme, of course, appeared in The Avengers, Thor, and other comic series over the years. Marvel Cinematic Universe succeeds because the films intertwine all many unique heroes who call the “House of Ideas” their home.


Financial interests play a role in Marvel’s decision. Packing a film with a number of heroes helps draw in audiences. The success of Captain America: Civil War and The Avengers proves this.


Thor may need a little help selling tickets to a third film. While the first Thor was a fantastic feature, the sequel was a bit weak. Giving Thor some “heroic support” helps pull back all those fans who may ended up turned off by a weak Thor sequel.


Marvel also gets the opportunity to weave in elements from World War Hulk, a great comic story arc that cannot be made into a feature. Two weak Hulk movies has led Marvel to position The Hulk as a supporting character in “team up” films.


The prominent role of The Hulk has been well-publicized for months. The news about Dr. Strange is both new and surprisingly. Based on rumors, Dr. Strange may have more than a cameo in the film. The Dr. Strange solo film was a massive hit. The magical hero’s appearance in Thor: Ragnarok only has upsides.