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Paradox and The Man In the Black Hat

Netflix has a new movie coming out. This is nothing new, so why is this movie different?

This film is called Paradox. It’s directed by the lovely Daryl Hannah. She’s best known for her roles in Splash and the Kill Bill movies. It stars music legend Neil Young. Young and Hannah are partners in real life, and they worked closely on the set. I never thought I’d see Neil Young in a movie made for Netflix. I also never thought Daryl Hannah would direct a movie like this. Welcome to the future!

Paradox lives up to it’s name. The characters seem comedic to me. The atmosphere is rugged and dirty. Neil Young is known for being a little strange, so the character he plays is perfect for him. He plays The Man In the Black Hat. He’s not to be trusted in this world. I have to admit that the name is pretty cool. What’s even cooler is the plot.

Paradox is set in the future. Seeds are the new money. People are desperate and hungry. The film focuses on the struggle for life and happiness. This appeals to me because of it’s relevance. I can see it actually happening in real life. Food shortages and territorial disputes are not a new problem, so this future is fathomable. Just a few weeks ago it was reported that Cape Town in South Africa is going to run out of water. It’s a scary world.

However, Paradox gives us constant reminders of the healing power of love and music. Speaking of music…all the music for the movie was recorded live. It’s raw, authentic, and uplifting. Neil Young is featured on the soundtrack with Promise of the Real.

Paradox had no crew. It had no stunt doubles and no fancy equipment. It was Hannah, Young, and 11 other people. It was put together with duct-tape and string. What’s crazy is that it’s still an amazing movie! I find that extremely impressive. So many bells and whistles are used to make movies now. It’s nice to see work that’s so raw and simple.

This movie is a masterpiece. It’s unique, gritty, and thought-provoking. Paradox premiers on Netflix March twenty-first. That’s this Friday! Check it out.