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How The Blade Runner Movie Universe Could Expand and What Could Help The Films

The Blade Runner films seem to not fare very well at the box office. For one thing, the films tend to fall flat in the box office. However, the first film has done well on home video, especially with the director’s cut and the subsequent final cut. One major difference that the new film has is that this one has a lot of good reviews where the other one didn’t really have a good reception on its initial release. Director Denis Villeneuve has been given a lot of creative control to the point where he can say that the current version of the film that is in theaters is the directors cut.

If there is ultimately a decision to bring forth another installment in the franchise, there is a lot that can be done to bring the universe to life. With each movie, the scale of the story grows. One thing that can be done is take the action off-world. Perhaps there can be certain characters making a return such as Todd, who was played by Kurt Russell in Soldier, a movie that was said to be a sidequel to Blade Runner and has quite a few references.

There is a chance that the expansion of the film in such a way could run the risk of making the universe more or less derivative of the Star Wars universe. Another thing they can do is make films connecting to the Alien universe given that there is a lot of fan speculation that the Alien and Blade Runner share a universe. Perhaps Ripley could be somehow related to the Tyrel family. Sigourney Weaver and Sean Young do look like they could be related in some form or fashion.

As of right now, the movie has turned out to be faced with a struggle to bring in the profits in its release and there might be another decades long wait for a sequel. One thing that could be done to bring forth a possibility for a direct sequel is to bring forth another film that is obviously set in the Blade Runner universe. If that film is successful, then this could be the basis for future installments.