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Spielberg’s Latest Film Fails to Deliver

There is no question that Steven Spielberg is the most successful director in the history of Hollywood. His movies have grossed billions of dollars and they have been enjoyed by people around the world. His skill has allowed him to win two Oscars for directing in his brilliant career. However, his latest film got off to a very rough start at the North American box office. “The BFG” is a film that features dazzling special effects and is aimed at children. Normally, this would be the recipe for a box office hit. Unfortunately, “Finding Dory” was still captivating audiences when Spielberg’s latest flick made its debut. “The BFG” earned just under $19 million during its opening weekend in the United States. The fact that the film cost $140 million will probably make this the biggest financial disaster ever for Spielberg.

However, there is still hope for the film. Hollywood films make two-thirds of their money overseas. The film has a staggered release. Therefore, it has not opened in many foreign markets yet. This is the first film that Spielberg has ever directed for Walt Disney Studios. Needless to say, Disney is hoping that people in foreign countries see the film in droves. This is the only chance “The BFG” has of making a profit. The studio would undoubtedly settle for breaking even at this point. Much has been written about this expensive flop and why it has failed to attract an audience. However, nobody has been able to figure it out.