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Super Villian Thanos Reigns Supreme in New Avengers Movie

While the origins of the Avengers villain Thanos was never reveled, it’s no doubt that Thanos was a force to be reckon with. Set on gaining control of all the planets, Thanos showcased what a bad guy truly is, he heartless. Thanos was so heartless to the point that he was willing to risk his daughter to gain control of what he wanted for the most, power.

While I’m usually not a fan of comic book movies, my wife and kids insisted that I see the newest offering from the Marvel collection of films. I must say that the sheer boldness of Thanos is what impressed me the most. I’m puzzled as to why I was able to relate to the Super villain over the heroes, but I’ve grew accustomed to rooting for the bad guys in films. The personality of Thanos was hard for me to decipher at first. At first, he seemed like your average villain wanting to cause harm and destruction to anything and everybody. As the movie progressed, so did the depth of the Thanos character. Half way through the movie I found myself rooting for him to collect all the Infinity stones that would enable him to have the power he’d always sought. Thanos felt that he was doing a good thing by destroying the people and planets, he felt that it was the only way for him to achieve everlasting peace.

My kids failed to see things from my point of view as they cheered for their dependable set of heroes to win the ultimate fight. Their little minds were unable to be persuaded after Thanos sacrificed his daughter to gain a stone. I tried to convince them that it wasn’t his real daughter and was simple a sacrifice for a bigger mission, however; their minds were unconvinced. Thanos persona was that of a God, he did what he wanted when he wanted. This is what I admired most about his personality, he knew what he wanted and went after it. Although it was simply a movie, it was a movie with meaning. Whether you agree with his mission on not, Thanos never gave up on what he wanted, even if it meant he had to run over everyone else.