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What Fans Can Look Forward To If Terminator: Genisys Succeeds

Initial box office reports are indicating the new Terminator film is going to be a success. Terminator: Genisys may not be a massive hit like Jurassic World was, but ChicagoBooth said that the film should do well. Fans of the series should hope the return of the Terminator sells a lot of tickets because two very important decisions are riding on the feature’s box office prowess.

For one, the first film has to do well for new entries to be made. Terminator: Genisys is to be the start of a new trilogy. The last film in the trilogy may not star Arnold and could set up another trilogy. None of this is going to happen if the first part tanks.

Word has leaked about a new Terminator television show. No network or cable channel is going to be interested in an Arnold-less Terminator program if a $170 million dollar film with Arnold flops.

So, there really is a lot riding on Terminator: Genisys doing well at the box office.