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Multiple Releases of Terminator 2

While the Terminator franchise is one of the most beloved franchises in the industry, one thing that is worth noting is that Terminator 2 is the only film in the franchise that has alternate versions of it released. There has been the theatrical version. Then there was the special edition which featured extra scenes. Some of them were shown in the original theatrical trailers for the film. Either way, the special editions of the film has shown scenes that have fleshed out some of the other characters. It made an already great story even better.

Now, Terminator 2 is getting yet another re-release. This time, it is going to be in 3D. However, there is no telling if it is going to be the original theatrical edit that is going to be released in theaters or the special edition with an extra amount of footage in it. Seeing that it is James Cameron that is behind this process, one could expect that the 3D is going to be nothing short of amazing.

Even the first Terminator film has only one version of it released. However, it was perfect in its pacing. The DVD release does have a few deleted scenes to go along with it. There were also rumors of alternate versions of Terminaror 3. However, those alternate versions have never seen the light of day. Therefore, the released version of Terminator 3 remains the only available version of the film. Even though Terminator 3 failed to live up to the glory of its predecessor, there are still some good aspects of the film. Even Terminator Salvation had something good to deliver in spite of its execution. Terminator Genisys is probably the one that had absolutely nothing new or good to add to the franchise.

Sometime in 2017, Terminator 2 is going to be re-released. Audiences will get to experience their favorite entry on the big screen again. They will also get to experience it like they never have before.

Terminator 2 To Get A 3D Release in 2017

I’ll be back, in 3D. James Cameron’s hit film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day is going to be re-released in 3D next year. Even though the Terminator franchise has continued on long after James Cameron left, none of the later films have lived up to the glory of the first two films. For one thing, Terminator 2 was not only a good story, but it also had some ground breaking visual effects. These effects not only stand the test of time, but they are more amazing than Terminator Genisys which was made more than 20 years after James Cameron’s masterpiece.

There has also been another 3D venture based on Terminator 2. This was called T23D. However, this is not the exact same as the blockbuster movie. This was actually a special film shot for the theme park. It showed John Connor and the Terminator fighting skynet. This is actually, the first showing of Terminator 2 in 3D. It would be a great experience for many to see their favorite franchise on the big screen again. Many people will relive their experience of seeing the franchise’s most beloved film on the big screen. Also, since James Cameron is really good when it comes to the technicalities, one can expect that the results are going to work well for the film.

Another thing to consider about Terminator 2 in 3D is that it could also be seen as the studio admitting that the most recent films have not lived up to the glory of James Cameron’s masterpiece. Therefore, they are releasing something that id going to give the audience something to remind them of the days when it was expected for a Terminator to be nothing short of amazing.

One of the interesting aspects of Terminator 2 is that it was a long chase. It also had a story of a father figure at its heart. This is perhaps one of the aspects of the first two Terminator films that made them so great. They were not just about action like the rest of the films were. However, Terminator Salvation was a noble effort in taking the series in a new direction.

Terminator 2 Gets A New 3-D Re-Release

The Terminator is going to grace movie screens once again. This time, a wrongheaded sequel won’t be distributed for no purpose other than to embarrass the franchise. The mega-hit Terminator 2: Judgement Day is being converted to a 3D format and the film reappear.

Could the rerelease of this film be done for the purpose of reaching younger audiences who do not know how awesome a Terminator film can be? That is one of the reasons being speculated about.

The first Terminator film was a sleeper hit and a sci-fi classic. The sequel was an even bigger hit and one of the top action films of the 1990’s. And then came Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, an “okay” film that did well at the box office but hardly matched the quality of the first two features.

Terminator Salvation was a weak attempt to reboot the series and it failed. The failure would pale in comparison to the utter disaster of Terminator: Genysis. Genysis was a total flop in the United States, but the film did better overseas. Regardless, plans for more sequels were cancelled and so was a television show tie-in.

Is there life in the Terminator franchise? As of right now, beyond nostalgia, there does not seem to be. A re-release of Terminator 2 could draw in some old fans wishing to relive the experience they had many years ago. The experience, since this one will be in 3-D, is going to have some intriguing newness to it. To repeat, the possibility exists some new Terminator fans may be made thanks to the re-release.

Will all this overcome the terrible damage that was inflicted upon the franchise from Genysis? No, a re-release would have to perform a miracle to arrive at this result. The Terminator franchise may be doomed until a decade or two passes by before a studio tries to do a reboot. Sadly, the memories of the last three films have to fade far away in people’s minds.

The Terminator franchise, like any once-successful series, is sure to return again one day, but the day is pretty far down the road in the future.