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Discover Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Work in Arizona

Jason Hope is a person who contributes a lot of his resources and time in bettering the welfare of other people, and he believes his assets have placed him in a better position to pursue that dream. As an entrepreneur and a successful business owner, Jason Hope is passionately involved in giving back to the community and also in assisting the local organizations. His principal goal is to see the local communities that reside in Arizona succeed in their projects.

Hope has been supporting the humanitarian organizations that have been working toward the improvement of humankind’s future, especially those that are actively involved in fighting the effects that are brought about by the aging process. Such involvements are geared toward making humanity live a longer life without pain or diseases. Jason Hope keenly looks for opportunities and different projects that he can further support with his time, resources and influence.

Jason’s work in technology has been targeting various avenues in development and research such as the development of mobile apps, gaming software, desktop software and different devices that use technology or connectivity so as to make the human conditions better. When the human situations are better, people will start having a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Jason Hope is always looking for ways of maximizing the use of technology to mankind’s advantage, and he carefully studies the infrastructure related to technology to discover the potential trends. Jason is a futurist; therefore, he works closely with individuals and businesses as they plan to develop and launch superior technological advancements.

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It is a popular fact that commencing a business, starting a new idea or creating a new product is not always an easy process. Once a person has an idea, finding the appropriate means to make the idea work becomes the hardest part. Hope’s business acumen has enabled him to work with individuals who are launching their businesses.

Jason Hope is known to assist the future entrepreneurs as they enter into the world of technology. In most times, the young entrepreneurs do have fantastic ideas, but many of them lack the finances and insights that are required in bringing those beautiful ideas to reality. Hope provides grants to high school seniors and many college students to assist them in jump-starting their ideas, which are just waiting to become technological breakthroughs.

To learn more about Jason Hope’s ideas for technology and the future, visit his blog.


Free Mobile Service, Is It True? Only FreedomPop Knows For Sure.

If you have been reading up on all the current news, you might have seen that Digital Trends recently reported on FreedomPop and how they started to alpha test free mobile service in the UK.What would you think of a company that offered free talk, free text and free data service on a global level? Most people would like the idea and maybe even be skeptical of any start up company who offered this service. The thing to remember is, that this service is being tested by a highly established company. FreedomPop is turning the mobile world inside out and upside down with their new announcement of the free alpha testing. Since FreedonPop partnered with the Dutch carrier KPN, they are at the perfect time to expand their share of the market into places like France, Spain, Germany and the UK.

According to the reports, they are planning a global launch on for later this year. The company is currently calling and emailing people who requested more information on the plan. They will use this alpha test to collect feedback and make adjustments before going global. Preparation for the official launch is a great use of the alpha testing plan. In America, FreedomPop is famous for the plan which comes with 200 minutes, 200 SMS messages and 200 mega bytes of data. Some of their other plans do require a monthly investment such as their Premium 1GB Service and their Premium 2GB Service. You can get current pricing by going to the article link below. That same report tells us that there is a small sign up fee for the alpha test shipping and there are other optional services like Premium Voice. The company is also allowing testers to pick their number from a selected number of available numbers.

FreedomPop’s Co-Founder Steven Sesar did announce that more and more international markets will follow once they work our the initial kinks. The company’ aim is to bring free and low cost cellular service to a world wide market. The good news for American tourists is that they will be able to use the plan that is linked with the country they are in. For example, if an American visits Germany and their is a plan there, the FreedomPop phone will allow the American to use the German mobile plan to place their calls and more.

FreedomPop Shifts Mobile Focus to Freemium Model

The world of wireless mobile technology has been changing year after year. It wasn’t so long ago that being able to even go on the internet with your phone seemed revolutionary. Now phones fit in our palms, wireless technology is everywhere, and customers want more than ever for their money. With telecom giants working rapidly to get their corner of the market established, we’ve seen the telecom market become more and more opening to upstarts and new ideas. FreedomPop, a tech start up out of L.A., is now quickly rising to the front of the mobile world thanks to their unique blend of features and affordability. These positives made them a hot topic in the M&A world for much of 2014, however CEO Stephen Stokols finally put all of the rumors to rest.

According to reports the team at FreedomPop saw advanced interest from several of the top telecom companies out there. Stokols told reporters that they received a $250 million offer but that they decided it would be ‘premature to sell’ at this point. What this shows is that the company fully believes in their product and they know that there is major profit somewhere around the corner. This faith in their product should tell you everything you need to know about the once tiny start up. However, you should know where this faith comes from. Let’s take a look at what makes FreedomPop so intensely interesting.

What FreedomPop does is offer a product to their customers that is fundamentally free. Subscribers to the service get a certain amount of mobile talk, data, and text all for free. Anything past those initial services are subject to charges. Customers can also pay for expanded plans, optional insurance for their phone, and some other bonuses that’ll make their mobile phone the product that they need. FreedomPop is able to offer these free services thanks to the deal they made to acquire mobile data at wholesale rates. The savings are then passed on to their customers.

With the M&A talks completely out of the picture the team at FreedomPop was able to push forward and focus on raising more investment money. Partech Ventures brought in an additional $30 million to the company in order to help with growth going forward. The investments will service as the primary financial means for the FreedomPop global expansion.

Right now FreedomPop is coming up on one million subscribers and the talk in town is focused on their expansion to Asia and the United Kingdom. A soft launch into the UK has already occurred with a launch in Southeast Asia planned for sometime within the next six months or so. These expansions will cause explosive growth for FreedomPop.