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OneLogin Helps You Avoid Issues Related To Data Breaches With MFA


You have probably heard in the news in recent years all of the data breaches that have happened even with some major companies out there. They have been plentiful and rather annoying. They have caused many customers to have to check their credit card statements and more to see if they have at any point been hacked or had their information stolen by characters who only want to do them harm. This has put many companies on the defensive as well as they try to figure out ways to protect the information that their customers provide to them with the expectation that the information will be protected.


The need for better data protection is not exactly new, but it is something that is getting a bigger spotlight as of late as so many of these breaches have continued to occur. Today we take a look at one approach called multi-factor authentication (MFA).


It used to be the case that we thought that simple passwords could keep our information safe. We figured that as long as we knew the password that it would not really be possible for others to gain access to our treasured information. Only those who had been authorized to have that information would ever get access to it we thought. We could not have been more wrong about this. The reality of the situation is that we need to have multiple layers of protection if we want to get serious about protecting the information that we have been entrusted with.


Adding extra steps to a login process does create a little more work for the legitimate user of that information, but it also helps to make sure that they are not going to be the next victim of a hack. Having to take a few extra seconds to go through a second or even third layer or authentication can be well worth it when you weigh that against the risk of having your customer information hacked away from you entirely. Most people would opt to have to spend the extra time putting their information into the password system.


SMS text messages are one way in which some are establishing a means of protecting their passwords and important information. The system will only send a password reset to an approved smartphone that the owner can then use to get back into their systems. Put another way, the system can send a smartphone a temporary password that a person can use to log in in order to have the opportunity to reset their password once they are back into whatever it is that they needed to log into.


Security questions are another interesting alternative for those who might not own a smartphone or who might not have access to their e-mail. At the time that a person sets up their password they may also want to add on a few security questions in order to allow themselves to be granted access to the system. Those are questions that the individual should only be able to answer. In other words, they should be questions that only the legitimate user of the service would know the answer to. Then and only then have they stumbled upon the kind of questions that they can legitimately use for their security purposes.


OneLogin is a company that allows you to use any and all of the mentioned tactics above. They work closely with the industry trends to figure out exactly what kind of new tactics they might want to go about using in their MFA offerings. They always try to ensure that the tactics they put into their products are the latest ideas that have been invented.


Their systems have been set up to work well with every other system that is already in place. Thus, if a company wants to switch over to using this program they can do so without some of the headaches and bumps in the road that come with trying to put in a whole new program. OneLogin has worked very hard to try to help avoid that issue entirely, through the use of multifactor authentication.


Think of this as your access into a world of more corporate safety and a greater sense of peace of mind in a turbulent world. There are so many risks to your protected corporate information these days, but one of the best ways to keep it all safe is to have a MFA system in place that keeps it safe. You do not want your company in the news as the latest to be hacked into, and that means you have to work on your MFA plans right now. That is the only way that you can avoid even the chance of this happening today.

Factors that Led to the Success of Louis Chenevert

Do you ever wonder how the people on top made it up there? Well, through the study of some prominent people in the society, we may learn what mechanisms they use to get there. Louis Chenevert is among the recognized individuals who have surprised the world with the legacy he left in UTC. Louis Chenevert voluntarily retired in 2014.

Many questions came with his retiring. Why would he leave at a time when UTC was doing so well? It is worthwhile to note that no scandals or disagreements prompt his retirement. Chenevert wanted to have to time off from the busy cooperate world. He now has time for his family as well as attending to his interests like designing yachts.

Here are some factors that led to the success of Louis Chenevert;

Meaningful Acquisitions

Louis Chenevert is known as the king of acquisitions. When he was working at Pratt & Whitney, he observed the GTF engine and knew it had a great future. He organized the purchase of the engine immediately he became CEO of UTC.

The GTF engine is now being used in more than 70 aircraft and 14 airlines. It is preferred because it is eco-friendly and reduces the consumption of fuel.

Louis Chenevert also made history by closing the most expensive aerospace deal in the USA. He bought the Goodrich at $16 billion.

These acquisitions have significantly contributed to the prominence of UTC. It led to the firm being listed as the most profitable company in the state.

Investing in the Future Technology.

Louis Chenevert is a visionary. He led UTC to invest in the future. He argued that investing in the high innovation future technology would help avoid future economic problems in the state.

The future investments worked as Chenevert expected. The UTC is approximated to accommodate 25000 more employees and has more than 5000 new slots of innovation.

He was also concerned with the human capital. He says that one can only be successful if the team they are working with is aligned with the vision of the company. He advises other investors to focus on empowering their teams because as much as they may have great ideas, they need their team to evaluate them.

A Few Ominous Predictions from Shervin Pishevar

Super angel investor, Shervin Pishevar, is well-known as being the previous managing director and co-founder of Sherpa Capital. This is a venture capital fund that has invested in companies like Uber and Airbnb. He recently went on a 21 hour tweet storm that had some ominous predictions for the economic situation in the United States. Other predictions he has made regarding economics have proven to be true.

After a dramatic drop in the stock market in February 2018, Shervin Pishevar went on to post a variety of tweets that predicted bad things for the US economy. For example, he talked about quantitative easing. This is a process that central banks use to buy bonds. In the past, it is a tool that has been used to correct downturns in the market. However, Shervin Pishevar tells people to not be fooled by quantitative easing, basically saying that government bonds do not have limitless power when it comes to correcting the market.

In his 17th tweet, Shervin Pishevar said that inflation is dead. He said that the United States has been able to export its inflation for many decades and says that it never manifests itself in the way that people expect. He feels that under the current administration, uncertain trade deals are not going to help the situation.

He also addressed big funds. In his 14th tweet, he mentioned that when the market tanks, major CTA and managed future funds are taken out. He believes that there is a precedent to expect that big funds are going to bite the bullet.

These are just a few examples of the ominous predictions made by Shervin Pishevar in his 21 hour tweet storm rant. However, he did not only make bad predictions about the economy. He did say that there were some moonshots that would inspire good work. The exceptions to the rule included Virgin Hyperloop and SpaceX. Many feel that these predictions should be taken with a grain of salt, especially considering that Shervin Pishevar is one of the co-founders of Virgin Hyperloop. He mentioned that these moonshots are possible for smaller companies because of the decaying and decrypt infrastructure in the United States.

Matthew Autterson, A Remarkable Leader And A Philanthropist

Matthew Autterson is the current chief executive officer and president of CNS Bioscience where he also sits as a board member. CNS Bioscience is a global medical organization which gives different innovative products. The company also focuses on clinical trials of life-altering medications. If the pharmaceuticals are approved, then the medical industry will have a new face and definition, especially for the people with paraplegia. However, the neuroscientific studies are still underway.


Matthew Autterson went to Michigan State University where he obtained his B.A in finance. After his degree, he joined University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. After his studies, he moved to Colorado where he has been a leader in business fields. Autterson also serves on the board of directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems.


Falci Adaptive Biosystems is where Matthew Autterson philanthropic life is portrayed. His life is filled with kindness and incredible achievements. FAB is a non-profit organization which focuses on helping individuals with mobility challenges. The organization is equipped with individuals who are experts in technology and hence creates sophisticated and comprehensive human-machine interfaces that support the affected individuals to move and interact with other objects in their lives. Falci Adaptive Biosystems was founded by Dr. Scott Falci and has a management team of around ten people.


Matthew Autterson philanthropic initiatives have helped a lot of people in Colorado. It is for this reason and his achievements he is felt as one of the most influential members of the community.


Autterson has acquired vast experience in the financial industry as he has served for over 25 years. He has served in various organizations where he held different positions. He started his career journey by serving First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of the Fiserv. Autterson also served in Resources Trust Company as the president which was later acquired by AIG. During his tenure in the company, he was able to generate a lot of wealth for the company, hence he is still respected as a remarkable leader to this day.


He played critical roles and responsibilities at Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation. Autterson also served as the chairman of the board of directors of Denver hospice. He has earned himself an excellent reputation in his country due to his incredible skills in management and his business achievements.His services to World Presidents Organizations and Young Presidents Organization gave Autterson an incredible platform to showcase his talents and intelligence. Read This Article for more information.


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How Matthew Autterson Made it Big by Simply Following his Heart

Colorado is home to many people. It is a state where people care for one another and still say hello to each other. Perhaps it is the spirit of the state that attracted Matthew Autterson to settle in when he attended school there. Autterson was attending Michigan State University to get his B.A. in Finance but was called to Colorado as soon as he was done. Something about the state captured his imagination. He attended the University of Denver to finish his education. It did not take long to land a good job and to make a life for himself in the state.

Most of his career involved finances. He was quite successful in that industry, which is one reason many Colorado business men and women look up to him, but his role in the financial sector is just part of what makes Autterson special. For one, Matthew Autterson is now helping to lead Falci Adaptive Biosystems. This company is focused on finding ways to help people overcome neoropathic pain, which is something Autterson became aware of when he held a position at the Denver Hospice.

People from many walks of life end up at this hospice, seeking help. It was there where he understood the importance of helping his fellow human beings. He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Denver Hospice. The organization was able to do a lot for people under his direction. Autterson’s leadership was effective, but it was the hospice that inspired him to do more.

Many of the positions he’s held have inspired him. Autterson actually held a position within the Board of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. It was there where he learned how important is to educate others. This is the reason Falci Adaptive Biosystems is dedicated to being transparent about their work with customers. He knows that people are smart enough to understand the information put out by this company, which is something other similar companies fail to realize. Click Here for more information.

There is no telling where Matthew Autterson is going to set his eyes on next, but it’s going to be exciting. He seems to be the kind of person who is driven by his heart and love for his new state. Colorado is definitely lucky to have him along with all of its other productive citizens.


Success Comes by the Power of the Dream for Bob Reina

Bob Reina is a well-known entrepreneur in the marketing industry with his Talk Fusion, a technology-based video marketing company founded by him in 2007. While coming to his grand success in the life as well as industry, Reina says that the power of his dream took him to the success. He observes that when people wanted something very badly, they make a lot of hard work to achieve it. Whenever Reina was stuck with his ideas, his excitement and passion helped him to explore further and find solutions for various issues. He also thinks that when people have a dream and wanted to achieve it, they would think uniquely and look for realistic solutions – the way Reina executed his plans at Talk Fusion. Learn more:



While coming to the company, Reina was combining almost two decades of direct selling experience and using it in designing its products. Talk Fusion launched with Video Email, the flagship product of the company targeting marketing sector. Interestingly, he says that his life changed after he was making a visit to North Carolina in 2004. When Reina wanted to send an email with a video clip, he was not allowed by the service provider – AOL – and this is where he conceived the novel idea of creating one.



The company was born with Video Email, and he wanted to create Talk Fusion as something built on longevity and innovation with a mission to change the lives of others. While coming to his network marketing days, prior to Talk Fusion, Reina faced several debacles including his phone bills going beyond his paycheck. But, Bob was not ready to give up and believed in hard work. Once he got the momentum, Reina and his team were unstoppable and produced greater results. When it comes to Talk Fusion, Reina says that the success was quick as he thinks that the team created the right product on-time. He adds that he followed the principle of every successful business: locate a problem and try to solve it with the best solution.



While coming to the education of Bob Reina, he earned his graduation from the University of South Florida and admitted into Tampa Police Academy. Though he was actively involved in the police service, Reina wanted to do something bigger and significant. In 1990, he entered into network marketing sector, and the decision changed his life forever. During the period, he worked for various clients and gained significant exposure of the marketing industry that helped him when founding Talk Fusion.



Bob Reina is also passionate about helping people around him and various communities. He is known for making a $1 million contribution towards the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and gave significant financial support to Yayasan Rumah Kehidupan, an Indonesian orphanage.

M. Night Shymalan Previews Footage From ‘Unbreakable’ Sequel ‘Glass’

Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan is arguably one of the most polarizing figures in the film industry. While his initial movie “The Sixth Sense” was hailed as an instant classic, his later films have often rightly been criticized as being flat and predictable.

One movie that eventually became thought of as an underappreciated classic is the film “Unbreakable.” A clever deconstruction of the typical superhero film, the movie stars Bruce Willis, who discovers he can’t be killed after he survives a horrific train crash. The crash turns out to have been caused by Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), a villain who has been causing accidents in hopes of discovering a hero worthy of being his rival. The movie struggled at the box office when it was released, but in recent years has been recognized as being a movie that was ahead of its time.

The movie “Split” was released in early 2017 and the unexpected twist at the end was that the characters existed in the same movie universe as the characters in “Unbreakable.” Shyamalan originally included the tease not expecting to do the sequel. But the success of “Split” made a follow-up film a good bet for the studio. So all the disparate threads will come together in the upcoming movie “Glass.” The film features “Split’s” Anya Taylor-Joy as well as Samuel L. Jackson and it’s reported to be the last of three movies Shyamalan has set in this particular story universe.

The director just previewed 12 minutes of footage from the film to the two studios who will handle distribution for the film. Universal will release the film in North America and Disney will handle international distribution. According to a tweet from Shymalan this week, the footage received a “very gracious reaction.”

While some studio executives have seen a bit of the film’s footage, it will be quite awhile before movie fans get to enjoy the finished movie. “Glass” is set to be released in theaters on January 18, 2019.

Matthew Autterson Gives CNS Bioscience The Help They Need

Matthew Autterson has always been a dedicated individual. He was dedicated to all the companies he worked with before and that allowed Matthew Autterson to keep helping them with different things. He has always wanted people to know he is a great CEO and he does everything he can to bring that attention to the work he does on his own. It goes back to the right way to do things and the opportunities he has to be successful. For Matthew Autterson, this is how he can make things easier on those who are in the business and those who are trying to run the business in the best way possible.


Even though there have been times when Matthew Autterson was not giving every piece of advice he had to CNS Bioscience, he knew there would be things he could do to try and help people through the various opportunities he had. It was his way of making sure things would get better. The company was great, but Matthew Autterson was an addition that made it even better. He had always wanted people to realize they were getting everything they could from the company and from what he had to offer the company.


During his immaculate career he would contribute to various charities and support non-profit organization such as, the Denver Zoo, Webb-Waring and the Denver Zoological Foundation, but Matthew always wanted to do more.


As long as Matthew Autterson was pushing forward and trying to help people with different options, he knew the best was going to come in the way of the company working in a positive way. He had always wanted to try and help people through different things and through the options they had. He also wanted everyone to make sure they were getting a great career option if they were not going to be able to experience the effects of the business. There had been things that were going on in the business for a long time and Matthew Autterson knew they were going to have to continue working for other people. Get Related Information Here.


Despite the industry changing and people not seeing CNS Bioscience as a company that was going to grow, Matthew Autterson knew it was going to. He is an expert CEO and knows what he’s doing the right way. He also knows there are things that can happen for him in different situations, so he doesn’t have to worry about what will be a big part of the career he has. It is his way of making sure people know what they can do and how they can benefit from other things.

Matthew Autterson Helps People Realize They Are Doing a Great Job

When Matthew Autterson started at CNS Bioscience, a company directly related to Falci Adaptive Biosystems, but researches and develops clinical stage medicines to eliminate neuropathic pain as well. it was so he’d be able to make sure people understood he was a positive influence in the community. He knew what it would take to bring opportunities to people who were in different situations and in different places with their careers. For Matthew Autterson, this was part of how he could make things easier and part of what his job function was as a CEO of the CNS Bioscience company. He had always done things the right way no matter what was going on or what was happening in the community he had been a major part of.


While Matthew Autterson was doing all of this, he knew what would happen to the company and to the biosciences field if he could make it better for everyone. He had to try and show people how everything would change and how things would become better than what they had ever been in the past. It was his point of doing things and his way to make sure everyone knew what was going to happen to him in different situations. Thanks to Matthew Autterson, people could see how the company was going to get better on its own. Click Here for more information


As long as Matthew Autterson was doing things the right way and as long as he was looking out for the people who were in different situations, he knew there would be positive parts of the company that would change depending on what he wanted. He had always had a strong desire to serve and that was how he was able to make things better through CNS Bioscience. There are other ways he can show doctors and patients the importance of neuropaths in various treatment settings. They have many uses that are both positive and good for the community they are used in.


If Matthew Autterson knew what people wanted to do, he knew there would be things that would help him through the experiences he had. He also knew there would be other things that would change depending on the work he had done. For Matthew Autterson, this was how he was going to continue to show people what things were happening. He was certain there would be changes to the way things were done and the opportunities people had. With the success he had created, he brought along positive influences to other CEOs win the bioscience community.



Jason Hope is making an impact in the fields of technology and health

When we get to describing someone that fits the bill of being a successful tech entrepreneur, most of the times we tend to leave out the bit of educational background. Hey, after all, most of these dudes seem to be dropping out of college, take Mark Zuckerberg for instance. One thing’s for sure though, this cannot be said of Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is more aptly described as an entrepreneur and investor who made break into entrepreneurship by going into mobile communications. He is an intense futurist and technology fan and in recent times has become known more from his philanthropic activities. Jason holds a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States.

This is one person who is not only concentrated on making financial investments in technology. Jason Hope has made tech his life’s philosophy, being a true believer in the future impact of technology and specifically the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in multiple fields. The Internet of Things in essence defines the interconnectivity of devices of everyday use on the internet. Things like controlling your home sprinkler or garden lights or even microwave from your smartphone seem quite normal today; you have a chip inserted into your body that alerts your doctor at the signs of any changes in your normal bodily function. The list of applications is endless and all these essentially describe the impact of the IoT on our everyday lives.

Jason Hope goes on to assert that while the use of smart devices (devices that are connected to the internet-of the IoT devices) is presently more of an element of convenience, they are going to be a necessity in the not so far off future.

One hallmark of successful business people is philanthropy. It is a generally accepted affirmation that philanthropic efforts are best geared towards funding research that is aimed at alleviating some of the challenges facing the human population; from education to climate change and even health. It is no secret that such undertakings require phenomenal amounts of investment in time and financial resources.

Jason Hope is a forerunner philanthropist, making his contribution to the health sciences. His focus is particularly targeted towards activities aimed at fighting aging and age-related diseases. Jason recently made a pledge to the SENS Research Foundation totalling to half a million dollars This is an entity working on a breakthrough mission to fight aging and its related diseases.

An investor and would be investor in the field of tech that would want to know the direction the field is headed, would best keep tabs on Jason Hope. The rest of us hope that Jason Hope’s efforts in anti-aging research help to alleviate problems such as Alzheimer’s disease that have beleaguered us for decades.

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