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Taraj P Henson Gives Acrimony the Star Power It Needs to Become a Box Office Hit

The movie industry is filled with surprises, but few people may have guessed that a Blockbusters of 2018 so far would be comprised of movies where some of the main characters were African Americans. This is definitely the case with black panther, Wrinkle in Time and acrimony.

the thing that surprises people the most is how the Tyler Perry acrimony film came in number 2 at the box office doing their debut weekend. This was a strong showing a fans when one considers all of the other action movies that are out there.

fans of Tyler Perry, however, are not as surprised about the success of acrimony. He has a built-in fan base that typically supports everything that he does. It does not really matter to them if he does not get the great reviews that other movies acquire. Tyler Perry still knows how to pick the stars that are able to do the movies that fans are going to fly to. Picking Taraji P Henson to do acrimony was a great choice. She is already starring on Empire, and this allows her to gain a fanbase that is already linked to other characters that they currently see her as in various movies.

Tyler Perry has been able to Captivate a lot of different people, and it appears that he is someone that is always at work in the movie and television world. The fact that “Acrimony” made as much as $17 million in the opening weekend is proof that this movie is going to be another huge success for Tyler Perry. The reviews have been mixed, but fans of Taraj P Henson are going to embrace her because she is so well known in the industry. This is not the first time that they have worked together. It is a sign that Taraji is able to transition into more of a mainstream audience when it comes to her movie roles. This is evident in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” where Henson received an Oscar nomination.

Tyler Perry doesn’t write what one might consider to be
Oscar worthy films, but he does have the money and the connections to get the star players on his team. Obtaining star power is the formula for success.