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US Money Reserve Sets the Gold Standard

Own a small business in the precious metal industry? Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve President, explains how a foot in this industry catapults success and opportunity. While Diehl is considered to have an enormous impact in this industry as the most influential U.S. Mint Director of today, he expresses the exciting power the distribution of the Bullion coin has had worldwide.

Diehl expresses the success of U.S. Money Reserve is the impeccable pairing of American business and customer satisfaction. The commitment U.S. Money Reserve has toward customer satisfaction is the propeller in keeping the enterprise successful, like any business should be. This philosophy sets U.S. Money Reserve apart from its competitors. Declared by U.S. Money Reserve, “over the years, many clients have placed their trust in our ability to help choose coins that afford the highest value, and due to their many wise purchases, the majority of those individuals are in profit positions today.”

The customers who would be attracted to this industry are concerned with retirement safety (IRA) and potentially making a profit through investment, like the stock market. The difference is, the precious metal industry is that it is a physical asset, it is a guaranteed asset and it is backed by the strongest economy in the world. Simply put, the investment in this industry allows customers to know exactly what they’re getting.
Gold bars and other forms of Bullion (aside from U.S. government gold produced by the U.S. Mint) do not have the same guarantee, not backed by the U.S. economy and they are not legal tinder. In other words, you made be getting counterfeit Bullion if it is not backed by the U.S. Mint.

Gold has had a huge influence in the marketplace over the past decade due to four factors:
1. The 2008 financial crisis
a. Created fear in the market which impacted quality and wealth insurance
2. New demand from gold from Gold ETF’s
3. Speculation on uncertainty about the direction of monetary policy from the Federal Reserve
4. Raising value of the dollar

The expected forecast on the increase in demand and prices of gold will contribute to the growth of the middle class and the economic political uncertainty and the BRIC countries. As Deilh puts it, “what comes up must come down” and though he predicts the value of the dollar will fall, gold will come down in prices as well making it more affordable and attractive to potential and existing customers.

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Source: PR Newswire