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CBS Beefs Up Fall TV Lineup With Supergirl

CBS has decided that it needs to jump into the action arena and produce its own super hero television show. After competing networks have seen success with network television shows such as Arrow, (aka Green Arrow), The Flash, Gotham and even Netflicks’s offering of Daredevil, CBS reached out to the planet Krypton to borrow Superman’s cousin, Supergirl. The show will be an anchor show on the Monday lineup and promised to add a punch to the network lineup which was on its last legs as the CSI series were beginning to drag out.

CBS provided fans with more than a tease on their Facebook by airing a seven minute clip introducing the show to fans. The clip included the introduction of some of the key characters and included more action than many are used to seeing in a tease for network television show. before you new it, you found yourself hooked to the show and looking for its first air date. Fans are already wondering if the show will have any tie ends to other DC Comic heros. The new Superman versus Batman movie promises to have tie ends with Aquaman has well as Wonderwoman.

The Flash has had tie ends with Arrow, also of the DC Comic family. While Supergirl is not an official member of the Justice League, many fans are hoping for a cameo of her famous cousin Kal El. CBS Beefs Up Fall TV Line Up With Supergirl