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What To Expect With Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Given all of the talk about a “director’s cut” of Suicide Squad, a lot of fans would be happy to know that it is happening. However, it is important to know what to expect in the film. One thing that should be made clear is that the film is not meant to be rated R. David Ayer has always intended the film to be a hard PG-13 (which often means that there are a few scenes that could push it just into R territory like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). However, the extended film may be fairly darker than what has been released into theaters.


One interesting aspect of the film is the type of marketing that has come with it. The observant people may remember the Comic Con trailer of Suicide Squad. One thing about the Comic Con trailer that stood out was how dark it was with an eerie rendition of “I started A Joke”. It also featured a lot of elements and footage that made it look like it might be an R rated movie. One may actually have been reminded of a trailer for Blade Runner back in 1982 with how dark and weird it seemed. There was a bit less color, especially when it came to the titles. One thing that is worth noting is that the Comic Con teaser was only meant to be seen at Comic Con, but the leaks have caused the company to release it officially.


It was when the theatrical marketing began that there was talk about the tone changing. There have also been reshoots in order to be able to experiment with different versions of the film.


Not only has there been an announcement of the extended edition of the Suicide Squad, but there has also been a release of the teaser that has shown a lot of scenes that have been left out of the film that have been shown in leaked sets videos. Among the scenes that are to be expected in the film is a confrontation between Harley and Joker at the beginning. There are also going to be more scenes with the Joker in it as teased by Jared Leto. Also, the tone might be a bit darker resembling the teaser that was shown at Comic Con. Some scenes may still be left on the cutting room floor.

Suicide Squad Extended Cut Is Actually Happening

While there have been a lot of things said that suggested to people that there is only one cut of Suicide Squad that is going to be available for at least a few years, Warner Bros has decided that they are going to release an extended cut of Suicide Squad in a similar manner that they did with Batman V Superman. While Suicide Squad was a little better received than Batman V Superman, there was already a lot of talk about scenes that were cut out for various reasons. Among the topics of controversy was talk about a screening where test audiences were shown more than one version of the film. The audience seemed to receive the lighter and more special effects heavy version of the film a little better than the darker and possibly more mysterious version.


One thing that is to be said is that some of the people may have already sensed that there will be an extended cut of the movie down the line. David Ayer did say a few things to suggest otherwise. For one thing, he has said that the theatrical cut of the movie is his cut. Even though a lot of fans were more or less disappointed with what ended up on the screen and believed that the other version might have made for a better cut. This is also similar to Joss Whedon’s statements of Avengers: Age of Ultron when he said that what was shown is the director’s cut even though there were reports of scenes winding up on the cutting room floor.


Given the material that has been revealed through different media like news reports, articles, and even certain ads, it was eventually that there would be an extended version of Suicide Squad. After all, David Ayer himself has said that there are possibly seven versions of the film. This could possibly result in a collector’s edition in the style of Blade Runner where multiple versions of the film are released in the same set in order to give people different insights into the making of the film. Either way, it looks like fans are going to get at least one more version of the film.

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Review

For many, Suicide Squad was a huge letdown, almost as much as Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The movie earned a sub-par score of 6.9 on IMDb and a horrible 27% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The most common complaint about the movie is that it felt like it should have been rated-R. It would seem that a movie with a plot that causes viewers to empathize with villains would be rated-R already but, as long as they don’t curse too much or show to much skin, right? The R-rating would have also allowed for more violence and insanity. Being a movie that featured the Joker, you would think director David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch, & Training Day) would have pushed for the R-rating.

Another common complaint is that the Joker was not in the movie as much as the commercials advertised. One reddit user named “BlackPanther2016” has even filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for false advertisement. Many viewers complained that Jared Leto’s Joker was nothing like the Joker they know, and not in “cool different” way either. He did not once tell a joke, effectively making him a run-of-the-mill green-haired villain with a gun.

Will Smith did a great job playing Will Smith in Suicide Squad. His character, Deadshot, was given the largest portion of the movie and many people were upset about that. It didn’t feel like he was a villain, but just another Will Smith type character we have become accustomed to in movies such as: Pursuit of Happiness, I am Legend, and Men In Black.

Margot Robbie was by far the highlight of the movie as the best and only Harley Quinn. While she nailed the personality and look of Harley Quinn, she too unfortunately, was handicapped by the PG13 rating. Robbie’s popularity as the Joker’s lover has sparked rumors of her getting her own spinoff movie.

Overall, it is agreed that Suicide Squad is worth watching but not at the theater price. Wait to check it out once it hits Redbox.

The Suicide Squad Controversy

Those that have been following Suicide Squad are probably aware that there are multiple cuts of this film that have been test screened. There was the darker and more somber cut of the film, and then there was the lighter toned version of the film. The lighter tone won out for test audiences and David Ayer agreed to a compromise which resulted in a film that has gotten a lot of bad reviews. Among the complaints of the film was that there was an uneven tone throughout. This could be the result of them trying to put together a little bit of both versions.

One thing to look at when it comes to the tone of the film is to look at the advertising. When the comic con trailer was released, it teased a dark, noir-esque type of film with a tone that is somewhat reminiscent of Blade Runner. However, when the official trailers were released, they went more for a more zany tone. There was also discussion on whether or not Suicide Squad was going to be R rated. People that have figured that they might go for an R rating have looked at David Ayer as a director. His filmography is full of R rated films. However, the people that were anticipating PG-13 were right.

Another bit of news that caused a lot of discussion was that the studios have requested reshoots to make it more “fun”. This was a little after the “fun” trailers started being released. As of right now, there is speculation as to whether or not there is going to be an alternate cut of Suicide Squad released to video in a similar style to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It would be interesting to see the cut that David Ayer himself initially had in mind. However, David Ayer himself has touted the current cut that is playing in theaters as his cut of the film. So it remains to be seen if there is going to be another version of the film.

Suicide Squad: What Was Cut

A lot of people have mixed feelings about Suicide Squad. Even the people that have enjoyed the film are aware that there are ways that it could have been improved. Even the most adamant of fans are curious about the extra scenes that have been cut from the film at the request of the studios. When the comic con released, the film looked a lot like a dark and possibly R-rated film. With Deadpool being released, it did add fuel to the rumors that Suicide Squad might also get the R rating. However, this has changed due to Warner Bros wanting the DC film universe to have the same tone as the Marvel Universe.

This resulted in quite a few scenes being cut from the film. Among the scenes were a few bits with the Joker. There were also quite a few scenes that were featured in the promotional material that did not make it into the theatrical release, and with the way David Ayer defends this theatrical cut, there is no telling if a version of the film which features these scenes is going to see the light of day. However, these extra bits may be available on Blu-ray as deleted scenes.

It is also not just what was cut, but how the scenes were arranged. When Suicide Squad was done, Joker was originally to be shown as merely abusive and manipulative to Harley Quinn. However, the theatrical version paints a more sympathetic image of the Joker. He is shown to care about Harley. There are also some scenes that were shown being filmed that did not make it to the cut between Harley and Joker. As it stands right now, the theatrical cut seems to be holding its own. However, even if there is no need for an alternative cut of the film, a lot of fans will be interested in seeing the darker version that was screened before test audiences. All that needs to happen is that the effects are completed.

DC’s “Suicide Squad” Fails to Impress Critics

The highly anticipated “Suicide Squad” by Warner Bros. is going to be released on August 5th. Unfortunately, the first reviews for this movie are not so hot.

The Tomatometer, which gauges how many critics like a film on, is currently at 34 percent positive. In their summary, Rotten Tomatoes notes that the poor script, preposterous finale, and sloppy directing make this film a disappointment overall.

“Suicide Squad” is a film that brings various DC Comics villains together on a mission for the U.S. government. This film was directed by David Ayer, and it features Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as The Joker, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

The review in Variety by Peter Debruge said that “Suicide Squad” proves that DC Comics didn’t learn from their mistakes in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Debruge said that “Suicide Squad,” just like “Batman v. Superman,” suffers from taking itself too seriously.

Just for reference, “Batman v. Superman” only got a 27 percent rating on the Tomatometer.

Most of the other reviews from The Guardian, The Daily Beast, and Vanity Fair are also panning “Suicide Squad.” The only redeeming point for the film, most critics say, is the acting.

So, if DC fans do not enjoy “Suicide Squad,” they just might have to wait for the “Justice League.” “Justice League’s” ad went viral on YouTube at the end of July, and it currently has over 20 million views.

Suicide Squad Fails To Win Over Critics

DC has not experienced the best box office run. To make matters worse, rival Marvel has become the top comic brand thanks to hit films and TV series. So, it came as no surprise to fans when DC announced their partnership with Warner Brothers would mine characters previously unseen on the big screen.

Opening this weekend, Suicide Squad was shaping up to be the studio’s best chance for success. Directed by “Training Day” auteur David Ayer, this dark take on villains from various comic series was presented as a remedy to numerous superhero films. With an all-star cast that boasted some of Hollywood’s finest, it was sure to be a hit in the making.

Unfortunately, the box office totals may not reach projections thanks to a series of scathing reviews. From top critical sources to fandom blogs, early word on the film has not been good. Critics have been kind to Margot Robbie in her performance of Harley Quinn, but her role can’t save the film from repeated bashing.

For his part, Ayer has taken to Twitter to dismiss the critical reception. In a series of posts, he takes on their perceptions and addresses his own feelings about the film. Most telling is his comment that the film is for fans, not critics. Ultimately, the director’s words may come back to haunt him if die-hard DC devotees turn their back on the movie.

Should We Really Be Surprised By Suicide Squad’s Lousy Reviews?

DC just can’t seem to capture that same movie making magic that Marvel and Disney have a monopoly over. After less than stellar efforts with 2011’s Green Lantern and 2013’s Man of Steel, not to mention the horrendous Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems like DC’s properties just don’t have the same cache they once had. So it’s really no surprise that their newest film, Suicide Squad, would suffer the same fate as their last attempts to steal some of that movie money away from their rivals at Marvel.

First, lets address the issue with The Joker. He’s dead now. Done. Finished. There is absolutely no use in bringing that character back onto the silver screen, at least not for the next decade, after what Heath Ledger did to it. You can’t top his performance, so don’t even try. You especially can’t top it when you’re casting Jared Leto to play him, and making him look like a bleached out reject from Die Antwoord. Not even Will Smith and Margot Robbie could save this movie from being doomed to mediocrity, or counteract the terrible direction they went with the Joker character.

Suicide Squad proves that you can throw as many obscure super heroes and crime fighters as you want at the wall, but that doesn’t mean they will stick. DC thought they were going to have their answer to Guardians of the Galaxy. Turns out they just made their answer to Fantastic Four.

Suicide Squad Breaks Box Office Record

DC Comics’ latest superhero movie is looking to make a big splash at the box office this weekend. Set to be released on Friday, August 5, Suicide Squad has already broken records for ticket pre-sales on Fandango, records held in the past by last year’s Straight Outta Compton and the 2014 Marvel space epic Guardians of the Galaxy. Industry analysts expect Suicide Squad to make upwards of $140 million this weekend alone. Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad has benefited from a great marketing campaign that kicked-off last year at San Diego Comic Con. With new trailers and TV spots seemingly showing up daily, fan hype for the film is in full force.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. has a lot riding on the film. Set in the DC Extended Universe, producers hope the film will have a more welcomed reception than March’s disappointing Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the divisive Man of Steel from 2013. So far, early reviews suggest that, once again, Warner Bros. has missed the mark with Suicide Squad. While professional critic opinion has so far been negative, hardcore fans of Task Force X who have seen early screenings of the film have been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise going to Will Smith’s Deadshot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Only time will tell how well audiences receive Suicide Squad, but one thing is for sure: Warner Bros. is set to make a boatload of money off the superhero ensemble. Produced at a modest budget of only $175 million, industry experts believe it is possible for Warner Bros. to make back that sum in the film’s opening weekend, once foreign box office totals are included.

Suicide Squad Movie is Worse than Fantastic Four?

Suicide Squad is finally set to be released and the advanced reviews have not been kind. Rolling Stone actually said it was worse than Fantastic Four, which is perhaps as big an insult as a superhero movie can bear.

The director of the film has taken a dramatic stand against these reviews, almost like he is ready to meet the firing squad.

What is the problem with these DC movies? Why can’t they get it right? There are so many creative people in the world who love these characters. Nobody wants to see them fail.

Judging from what we know, there seems to be problems near the top in the decision-making hierarchy. Nobody was happy with Ben Affleck as Batman when he was cast, although he seems to have sort of won some people over. The choice was odd. Affleck had become acclaimed as a director, but he was not exactly in demand as an actor.

In Suicide Squad, they cast Will Smith. Of all the name actors for a superhero movie, Will Smith isn’t exactly at the top of the list. Marvel movies have been extremely smart in casting actors who have talent and charisma even if they are not a huge name. If you remember, Robert Downey, jr. was not at all in demand prior to the first Iron Man movie. Someone in charge had an eye for talent and a feel for what can work.

That seems to be what is missing in the DC movie universe. Someone at the top simply doesn’t have the right sensibility. Suicide Squad has dark colors that make it look like it came out prior to Sucker Punch. The trailers are all full of rap and rock music, which comes off to many as cringe-worthy.

There was an entire trailer devoted to the government operative in charge of the squad, Amanda Waller. While she is an integral part of the story, why on earth wouldn’t you focus every trailer on the most buzzworthy character – Harley Quinn? Clearly she is positioned as the potential breakout star of this film.

The issues with tone don’t seem to be going away. Somebody needs to sit down and evaluate why the Marvel movies are working and the DC ones are under-achieving. There is no need for any of this to be going wrong.