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What To Expect With Suicide Squad Extended Cut

Given all of the talk about a “director’s cut” of Suicide Squad, a lot of fans would be happy to know that it is happening. However, it is important to know what to expect in the film. One thing that should be made clear is that the film is not meant to be rated R. David Ayer has always intended the film to be a hard PG-13 (which often means that there are a few scenes that could push it just into R territory like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). However, the extended film may be fairly darker than what has been released into theaters.


One interesting aspect of the film is the type of marketing that has come with it. The observant people may remember the Comic Con trailer of Suicide Squad. One thing about the Comic Con trailer that stood out was how dark it was with an eerie rendition of “I started A Joke”. It also featured a lot of elements and footage that made it look like it might be an R rated movie. One may actually have been reminded of a trailer for Blade Runner back in 1982 with how dark and weird it seemed. There was a bit less color, especially when it came to the titles. One thing that is worth noting is that the Comic Con teaser was only meant to be seen at Comic Con, but the leaks have caused the company to release it officially.


It was when the theatrical marketing began that there was talk about the tone changing. There have also been reshoots in order to be able to experiment with different versions of the film.


Not only has there been an announcement of the extended edition of the Suicide Squad, but there has also been a release of the teaser that has shown a lot of scenes that have been left out of the film that have been shown in leaked sets videos. Among the scenes that are to be expected in the film is a confrontation between Harley and Joker at the beginning. There are also going to be more scenes with the Joker in it as teased by Jared Leto. Also, the tone might be a bit darker resembling the teaser that was shown at Comic Con. Some scenes may still be left on the cutting room floor.