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A Production Date For Suicide Squad 2 Is Set

The tumultuous DC Extended Universe marches forward. While the lackluster performance of Justice League didn’t boost enthusiasm for the further cinematic adventures of DC Comics’ heroes, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment aren’t pulling the proverbial plug. In addition to plans to continue with The Flash feature, the DCEU has set a 2018 start date for production on Suicide Squad 2.

The decision to launch a sequel to Suicide Squad was made almost immediately after the first ensemble film turned out to be a hit. Even though the Batman, Superman, and Justice League projects didn’t do much for fans and critics, Suicide Squad was a surprising crowd pleaser. Granted, critics definitely weren’t pleased with the film but the ticket-buying crowd always counts the most.

Suicide Squad also launched a new franchise player in the form of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The portrayal of the over-the-top villain connected with audiences greatly. Suicide Squad likely exceeded performance expectations thanks to Robbie. Robbie is, of course, returning for the sequel.

A production date of October 2018 has been set for Suicide Squad 2. Three other DC Comics features roll enter into production before Suicide Squad 2. Shazam!, Aquaman, and a Wonder Woman sequel all roll before cameras ahead of Suicide Squad 2. The sequel to the hit villain-centric film finds itself at the mercy of a very busy Will Smith’s schedule. The actor won’t be free until October 2018 so Suicide Squad films later than anticipated.

Wonder Woman’s return is sure to be a big hit. Serious question marks surround whether Aquaman and Shazam! can connect with audiences. With great scrips and excellent audience word of mouth, both may do well. Unfortunately, the DCEU has been plagued with poorly-written screenplays. Any DC superhero film that garners bad reviews may be fated to sink at the box office. Audiences now seem to see the DCEU as a B-grade alternative to Marvel’s more engaging projects.

Suicide Squad, poor reviews aside, gained a cult following from fans that took to the very offbeat nature of the film and the characters. The franchise should continue for years to come. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. definitely appreciated the box office receipts the original film delivered. The sequel intends to do the same.