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New Star Wars Director Hints At Hidden Gem

The newly announced director of the upcoming, Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, has publicly teased that he has included a small reference within the latest film in the franchise to one of his earlier projects. Johnson, a very accomplished film maker who garnered a great deal of notoriety for the hyper-low budget film Brick (which seemed to thrive off the lack of cash cows by utilizing the mundane in a theatrical, surrealist fashion) has no shortage of previous material which may or may not show up in the latest Lucas installment.

In addition to Mr. Johnson’s previously mentioned debut, Brick, he has also directed, eccentric caper comedy, The Brothers Bloom and the sci-fi action shooter, Looper. On Mr. Rian’s Twitter account, in a conversation with a fan Rian confirmed what many had been suspecting when wrote: There is a tiny, tiny, tiny Brick nod. Tiny.

Anyone who has previously seen any of Rian’s other films will know that he likes to reuse actors who had played taken up lead roles in earlier films as bit players for cameos. But one of the central “characters” in Brick was not a person but the brick of drugs for which the film got its name (it was never really said what kind of drug it was).

That being said, Fans of the 2005 crime thriller should definitely keep their eyes peeled for white chalky bricks of peculiar looking stuff or perhaps for Joseph Gorden Levitt who took the lead in the previously mentioned film.

Mark Hamill States That Star Wars EpVIII The Last Jedi is Going to be Different

Mark Hamill has recently came out and actually praised the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi by saying that it is definitely different, but really satisfying. One thing that many were faced with after seeing The Force Awakens was the fear that the next episode was just going to be a remake of The Empire Strikes Back. The good news is that Rian Johnson has taken note of the complaints of The Force Awakens and has decided to take the story in a different direction so that people will have something new to enjoy. One thing that people complain about in Hollywood is a lack of originality.


According to Mark, they have corrected this issue. He has stated that the narrative is going to be like nothing that has been seen in the other films. This may actually be a good or a bad thing for the film. Given that it is a dark film, it may take a little while for audiences to warm up to the film. After all, when The Empire Strikes Back was released, the reviews have not been that receptive initially. It took a while for people to catch on and realize the masterpiece achievement in Empire.


One thing that is certain is that the next Star Wars franchise is going to earn a lot of money. All that is needed is for there to be great marketing. For one thing, there are a lot of factors at play. One major factor is the nostalgia factor. Many people have come to know and love the characters that have been associated with the original trilogy. Star Wars can showcase a lot of these characters. Afterwards, they can make sure that the story is well structured and tight.


One thing that is good is that people don’t have to worry about them trying to repeat the formula of The Empire Strikes Back. There will be enough fresh ideas brought to The Last Jedi.


Romance Not Central to Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi

Rian Johnson has revealed one of the ways that The Last Jedi is going to be different from all of the other movies in the Star Wars saga is how it handles romance. While romance was a key theme in all of the other movies, the new series of episodes is not going to have any obvious romantic entanglements. There is not going to be anything that resembles a Han and Leia couple. It has already been established that Rey and Finn are not a couple even though that long hug going towards the climax might have teased things going in that direction.


Instead, the upcoming Star Wars film is going to focus on the companionship as they fight to bring down the first order. There are also going to be other ways that the Star Wars film is going to be different. For one thing, there is going to be a huge change to the narrative. Another thing is that it is rumored to be the darkest of the Star Wars films yet. In other words, it is even darker than The Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith combined. Either way, people are going to get a new experience with Star Wars that does not involve any of the slapstick or corniness of the prequels.


One thing that is hopeful is that they are going to do something similar with the marketing campaign that they did with The Force Awakens. They just show some great scenes without giving away the story. This is one thing that marketers should do with films more often. However, too many films even spoil the twist at the climax. Among the guilty parties is the Terminator franchise which has been spoiling viewers since Terminator 2.


There are already plans to film the Ninth Star Wars episode on January which is a month after the release of The Last Jedi which is hoping to be a really big event for the audience.