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Rian Johnson to Move Forward With His Star Wars Trilogy

Rian Johnson is going to move forward with his Star Wars trilogy. For those that have seen The Last Jedi, they are not looking forward to what Rian Johnson has in store. However, he does intend to keep the spirit of the classic franchise. One good thing about his upcoming trilogy is that it is not going to feature any familiar major characters. This means that he is not going to mess up anymore characterizations. One thing that is worth considering is that just because he did not handle the characters in a way that satisfied people in The Last Jedi does not mean that he is not going to come up with any good characters.

One thing that Rian Johnson is getting right is that the Star Wars universe expands far beyond the Skywalker line. There are tons of interesting potentials for stories. However, Rian Johnson has said that his goal is to capture how he felt as a kid watching the Star Wars movies for the first time. This could mean anything given that very little has been revealed about the project. One thing that can be certain is that Star Wars was not really a kid’s film when it was released.

Star Wars always had some dark themes and even gruesome imagery. The first Star Wars has shown charred bodies including bloody bones as well as dismembered limbs. As a matter of fact, Star Wars is known for having shots of limbs and other body parts being cut off. Even the PG rated movies were rather violent, but this was back when PG meant different. These days, PG is equivalent to a G rating. Also, PG rated movies had content that even PG-13 movies now shy away from.

As of right now, there is one movie left in the current trilogy, and J.J. Abrams is taking back the directors seat to hopefully fix up the mess that was made in The Last Jedi for the final installment in the trilogy.