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Mark Hamill Teases Luke Skywalker Appearance in Episode IX

Mark Hamill has made a comment that teases the return of Luke Skywalker in Episode IX. In other words, this is a suggestion that Luke Skywalker does not die in Episode VII. However, before we jump the gun, it is important to note that there are some characters that have died in Star Wars films and yet they have appeared in later forms. For instance, there are a few Jedi Knights that appear as ghosts to other Jedi so that they can continue to communicate with them. So Luke may still die in Star Wars VIII.

It has been confirmed that Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII is going to be darker in tone than The Force Awakens. However, The Force Awakens was not really that lighthearted in tone. EP VII was a bit closer to a war movie. It also was surprisingly brutal for a Star Wars movie. Even the score took on a more intense form with certain cues sounding more like Jerry Goldsmith. It is also worth noting that The Empire Strikes Back is one of the most serious films in the saga and there are no deaths of significant characters in the film. The Return of the Jedi had a few significant characters die, and it moved its tone a lot closer to slapstick.

There are quite a few reports of the various events in Ep VIII. Among the reports is that princess Leia is gonna be in a coma in Star Wars 8, which suggests that there might be an attack in which she is critically wounded. News of Mark Hamill’s involvement in Star Wars Ep IX is not going to be shocking for fans of the universe. For one thing, other characters such as Finn are going to return. Finn was left critically wounded after his fight with Kylo Renn. Perhaps the twist of the film is not going to be a death. There is speculation as to what is going to happen between Rei and Kylo Renn.