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Getting rich by betting smart on NCAA basketball

Most people probably haven’t heard of Billy Walters. But if you are an aspiring sports handicapper you should know who he is. Billy Walters is one of the richest men in America and he got there doing one thing and one thing alone, betting on sports. From Lefty Rosenthal, the man Robert DeNiro’s character was based on in Casino, to Teddy Covers of there are many examples of sharp sports bettors who have built empires by taking advantage of the small errors in spreads that arise when too many people bet with their hearts instead of their minds.

Most sports sharps won’t concentrate on just one season or one sport. But if you’re new to sports betting, NCAA basketball is probably the single best sport you could start in. With 371 Division I basketball teams alone and a season that spans November to April, NCAA basketball will always keep you in action. Another great feature of NCAA basketball is that its fans are particularly fanatical. Lines moving 5 or 10 points from where they should be is commonplace. Lines moving 20 points astray is not unheard of. This means there are frequent opportunities for big profit. A good place to start looking for good analysis, insights and spreads is, the home site of prolific and wildly successful sports betting legend Teddy Covers.

Back to Billy Walters. So how did Billy Walters get to be one of the richest men in America doing nothing save betting on sports you might ask? The answer is quite simple: through the incredible power of compound returns. It may surprise some new to sports betting to learn most top pros don’t have a huge edge on any given play. In fact you may hear it said that if you can win more than 52.5% of all your picks, you can get rich betting sports. And that statement is true. The trick is to always make what gamblers refer to as positive expectation bets. These are bets where you have a long term expectation of positive returns. The other trick is to keep your money in action every day. A pro sports bettor may not expect to make much more than 1% or so on any given play. But 1$ compounded daily over a year will give him returns of 3700%!

If you’re interested in learning more about the fascinating and lucrative world of professional sports betting, check out has been providing cutting edge stats, articles and insights for sports enthusiasts since 1995. With a round-the-clock staff, you’ll never miss a beat no matter what games you’re following. And also maintains the best sportsbooks ranking in the industry, driven in large part by the experiences of their huge user base. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring novice, is a rich source of information for all things sports.

In sports betting, like any other field of investment, information and good analysis is power. Check out and start your journey to professional sports betting today!

Andy Wirth And The Clean Power Plan

Andy Wirth and the Clean Power Plan

Humanity is faced with a new era full of emerging economies and a lot of opportunity. Reno has made great strides in campaigning for clean energy. A publication in the Reno Gazette Journal reported that last week, the city council of Reno threw its support behind the Clean Power Plan. This is an initiative that will help our country turn away from the impure coal power and adopt renewable and clean energy. The council became one of the many private companies that voted for the Clean Power Plan.
The issue of clean energy in Reno is a political one. Reno has poor quality air, increased cases of forest fires and drought. The reality of Reno’s carbon foot print is partly to blame for these incidences. Despite having the best geothermal and solar energy in the region, we continue to burn coal as a source of electricity. The vote of confidence by the members of the City Council is also an opportunity to partner with international companies like Microsoft, Apple and Tesla. These companies are not only impressing upon us to adopt clean energy but are at the same time presenting new job opportunities in our region.
Andrew Wirth was born on 25th July 1963. Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts. Wirth is the grandson of the director of US National Park Service, Conrad Wirth. Wirth has been in the hotel and mountain resort industry for a period of 25 years. He started his career in 1986 at the Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth has severed in a couple of leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Corporation. Wirth became Intrawest’s chief marketing officer and the vice president in 2007. Steamboat was taken by Intrawest in 2007. Wirth later left Intrawest to work as the CEO and president of Squaw Valley in 2010.
Wirth possesses a bachelor of science from the University of Colorado and also went to Edinburgh University which is based in Scotland. Wirth has acquired several professional and community service awards such as Steamboat Business leader of the and the community five awards.