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Coaches: Paid to Coach or Win?

Browsing through Yahoo! sports and naturally football is front and center. No surprise the Dallas Cowboys, ‘America’s Team’, is heading up the news stories. The tagline read ‘Jason Garrett’s survival as Cowboys head coach could hinge on next 2 games’. The story itself focuses on the poor team performance during this season and how the NFC East’s hopes now lie with the Philadelphia Eagles.
This article got me thinking though; what do we pay coaches to do? We assume we pay them to coach and championships are a by-product of great coaching, right? Perhaps that’s only true at the pee-wee or high school levels but imagine if coaches could be offered a tenure of sorts at collegiate or professional levels? Would performance improve or would we face the decline of competitive sports? What if we treated other professions the way we do professional coaching staff?
Firefighters allow sixteen buildings to burn past the point of restoration unable to battle the intensity of the blazes for whatever reasons, fire them? Adele puts out an awful song, hard as that may be to imagine, and everyone hates it, do we banish her from microphones forever? These are extreme examples for sure, but while there is something to be said for the drive that competition brings, there is also an argument to be made for job security.
We love our sports teams, and we love it when they are winning. What makes us true fans is our willingness to stand behind the team (and the coaches) when they are losing, which is what makes the victories so impossibly sweet. We will never forget that ‘fan’ is actually short for ‘fanatic’ but history shows fanatical is not always synonymous with sensible. Fire Jason Garrett, a young coach with a dedication to the Cowboys franchise and a record setting offensive line, after a few bad games? Maybe zooming out to the bigger war will bring the few lost battles into perspective.

Andy Worth’s Excellent Recovery From His Accident

Andy Wirth is currently the executive of Squaw Valley ski resort. Squaw Valley ski resort has been extremely successful over the years. Furthermore, there are plans to expand the ski resort. It will become connected to Alpine Meadows, which is located across from Squaw Valley. This will create an extremely large ski resort that encompasses two mountains.

In addition to being a successful businessman in the world of outdoor sports, Andy Wirth also is an outdoor enthusiast himself that’s according to what Crunchbase gathered. One of the sports he participates in is skydiving. He has done numerous jumps, and he has been active with this sport for a long time. However, he suffered a very unfortunate skydiving accident that nearly killed him. He luckily survived, but he has not gone skydiving since.

When this accident happened, he pulled his parachute a bit later on than usual. Additionally, the winds had made a sudden change. This sent him off course, and it actually sent him directly into a vineyard. This vineyard was filled with poles, one of which impaled Andy Wirth. The injuries that he sustained were quite severe. In fact, he initially thought he may die of his injuries in the field. However, he was saved by paramedics just in time.

At the hospital, he required very intensive treatment. In fact, he had to receive a very large blood transfusion. Andy Wirth arm was in danger, but he luckily managed to avoid having to get it amputated. However, in order to save his arm, doctors had to perform numerous operations.

One of these operations lasted for 12 hours. Unfortunately, his arm does have somewhat reduced functioning. WSJ reports that Andy Wirth hand only operates at what doctors determine to be 70% of it’s normal capacity. Still, this is an incredible recovery considering the severity of the injuries that he sustained.

After his recovery, he still has continued to be very active in the sporting world. In fact, he participated in an ironman competition. He also has worked with Navy Seals, assisting in their training. This training took place at Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He says that he really connected with the individuals that he trained.