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Remake of “Splash” Is In The Works

A “Splash” remake is in the works. The 1984 original is known for being Tom Hanks’ first major hit. In it, he played a man who fell in love with a mermaid (Darryl Hannah). The mermaid had saved him from drowning when he was a boy, and they meet again as adults.

The two leads will be played by Jillian Bell and Channing Tatum – but Tatum will be a merman and Bell will play a human living in New York City. Bell and Tatum had acted together in “21 Jump Street.” Marja Lewis-Ryan will be the script writer. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, who had both worked on the original movie, will be two of the producers for Imagine Entertainment. Howard had directed the original movie, while Grazer was the producer. Tatum will be a producer for Free Association as will Peter Kieran and Reid Carolin. Anna Culp will serve as executive producer for Imagine.

While some people are again accusing Hollywood of running out of ideas, others are pointing out that the original is 32 years old. There’s a very good chance that people born after the mid-80s have not seen it, so the remake will seem like a wholly new story to them. It might also encourage the younger generation to track down the original and see how Tom Hanks got his start.