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The Spawn Reboot Takes A New Approach to the Franchise

In the long awaited Spawn movie reboot, there has been many different directions that they were planning on going in. The direction that Todd McFarlane has finally decided on is that he wants to make Spawn a bit player in his own film. In this film, he wouldn’t speak. This is probably a really good way to introduce the character. Another thing that Todd McFarlane has decided on is that his film is going to be a hard earned R. He says that the R rating is going to go beyond the intensity and gruesome nature of Logan and Deadpool.

While Todd may be bragging about the nature of his film compared to other films in the R rated renaissance, it is important to know that the R rating is not the highest rating a film can get. As a matter of fact, if a film’s content gets to extreme, it could get an NC-17 rating. This would mean that the film would have to make some cuts in order to achieve the R rating. Another thing is that Logan and Deadpool are already mid-level to hard R anyway. They were not just scratching the surface of the R rating like Mad Max: Fury Road.

This might be a smart direction for the film to go in. If the film does well, then there can be exploration of his character in further films in the franchise. It will definitely make up for the disappointing 1997 film which was shot and edited for a PG-13. There have been a lot of elements that were left out of the comic book. Also, the CGI was quite sub-par for its time. Some scenes actually looked more like video game cut scenes than an actual movie. Fortunately, a lot of time has passed between the films and it is possible that the lesson has been learned. The new approach can be a lot more faithful to the comics and it can involve the two detectives that were in the comics.