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Soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Now Available for Download

Marvel has made the official soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy free for download on digital sites. This is done with the purpose to promote the actual movie as it is being made available on digital sites. This promotion lasts for only a day. After this promotion, the album returns to its full price. The soundtrack consists of old popular songs that are found on Peter Quinn’s tape.  Like the work of Terry Richardson, the pop influence adds balance to the darker visual and emotional elements of the movie. While some people can find it annoying that the mixtape is being given away, this is to promote sales of their feature film.

Guardians of the Galaxy is being released early for digital download. Meanwhile, the DVD and Blu-ray is schedule for release a few weeks later on December 9th. Yuo have the option of catching it now or waiting for the release of physical copies. James Gunn himself has posted a track list which is less official on social media. The track list is more descriptive of the atmosphere and mood of the scene.