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Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator Of All Time

Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator Of All Time

Michael Jackson was well known as the King of Pop without a doubt. However, since Michael passed in 2009, there have been many Michael Jackson Impersonators out there who actually make a career out of their impersonations. Who is the best Michael Jackson impersonator of all time? The answer is definitely Sergio Cortes. He is a Spanish man who is known all over Brazil for his Michael Jackson impersonations, and he has many fans that come from all over just to see him perform.

Just by looking at Sergio Cortes, one can tell that he looks a lot like Michael Jackson. Sergio has very light skin and Michael’s well-known long, dark, curly hair too. He has even made his voice resemble Michael Jackson as well. Basically, when it comes to the look of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes could pass as his identical twin. If Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes stood side by side, one might even have a difficult time telling who is who because that is how wonderful Sergio is at impersonating Michael. It isn’t just his sound that makes Sergio like Michael, Sergio is the real deal.

Sergio Cortes has been a long-time fan of Michael Jackson, and he began his career during his teenage years and started re-enacting all of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. Sergio studied all of Michael’s choreography so that he could perfect his impersonation skills. Sergio has even studied all of Michael Jackson’s videos and has since recreated the videos as well. To be a true impersonator, one must go all out to be just like that person they are imitating, and this is just what Sergio Cortes does.

As previously mentioned, Sergio Cortes does everything as similar to Michael Jackson as he can, and that includes imitating Michael’s famous dance moves and theatrics. As many know, some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves include the Moonwalk, the Circle Slide, the Hip Thrust and more. Sergio Cortes didn’t just stop at learning how to sing like Michael Jackson or looking like him either, he even learned everything that made Michael who he was, and Sergio makes sure to give his fans a great show. Sergio has many fans across the world, and even though Sergio is an impersonator of Michael Jackson, there is no better Michael Jackson impersonator in the world than Sergio Cortes, and even Michael Jackson fans can testify this.

Sergio Cortez And The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived

Sergio Cortez and The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived
When MJ died in 2009, the news hit the entertainment industry hard. This is because Michael hadn’t only been a musician; he had been the head of a revolution in pop culture, an inventor, entertainer and an icon in every sense of the word. The worst part about the death was that he had been gearing up for his comeback tour, one that millions had already paid for in advance. This means that there were millions of people that were left with a yearning to see the star perform.
One Spanish man seems to have found a way of helping people relive their fondest moments of being in the presence of the pop idol. This is Sergio Cortez. Born and raised in Barcelona Spain, Sergio started getting interested in the work of Michael Jackson at a very tender age. The fact that he does resemble the king of pop also played a role in guiding him towards becoming the best MJ impersonator the world has seen in a while. After the death of Michael, Sergio started thinking of ways in which he could help the fans of MJ relive the experience of being in the presence of the master illusionist and entertainer.
Sergio formed a dance group that focused on rehearsing and performing MJ songs solely. Two of his brothers acted as his backup dancers. The fact that in addition to looking like Michael, he also sounded like him made his work much easier. After lots of practice and rigorous social media campaigns, Sergio started getting bookings for shows with people that wanted to see the real MJ performing.
The most amazing thing about Sergio Cortes and his performances is how well he has mastered the moves and vocals of the real MJ. As a matter of fact, people that attend his shows say that they do feel like they are once again in the presence of MJ himself. Sergio has since moved from Barcelona and settled in Brazil. Here he has a huge following of people that just want to relive the MJ experience.
Sergio spends most of his time rehearsing and improving on his stage performances. When he is not working, he will be busy promoting his act or relaxing in his private residence. The personal life of this upcoming star is as secretive as that of the pop icon himself. Sergio truly is a rising star that is fun to watch.

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

When Sergio Cortes was just a child he began to have a great deal of respect for Michael Jackson. He liked the way that the man was moving and how confident he was in himself, and Sergio Cortes wanted to be like that. And years later he was able to become just like the man as he started to impersonate him. Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into perfecting his skills and becoming someone who looks and acts just like the singer. He wants to pay the singer an honor by doing this, and many people have come to think of him as the best Michael Jackson impersonator because of how much work he’s put into doing things.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and it has to feel great for him to be able to take on the legend’s life and become more like him every day. It has to feel great for him to be able to offer to people a bit of Michael Jackson even after the singer has passed. Sergio Cortes has done all that he could to become great at impersonating the singer, and many people have recognized him for that. They’ve come to respect him for what he has done.
There aren’t too many people in the world who would be able to take on the life of another and live it out as if it were their own, and the talent that Sergio Cortes has should not go unnoticed. He was able to capture the look and actions of Michael Jackson, and he has been able to impress many people through doing that. He should be respected by everyone who sees him because of just how hard he has worked to make himself into a great impersonator of the man.
Michael Jackson himself would be proud to know that Sergio Cortes was impersonating him if he were still alive to see him. Sergio Cortes has done a great job of taking on the life of the singer, and everyone who sees him will find themselves impressed by him.

Sergio Cortes Manages To Make A Living Impersonating His Idol

Sergio Cortes Manages to Make a Living Impersonating His Idol

There are a lot of people that have become fans of MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. He has become one of the most fascinating individuals in the world of entertainers. There are a lot of fly-by-night impersonators, but Sergio Cortes has become the ultimate entertainer. He looks like Michael Jackson and he has become someone that has this unique hold on MJ fans. He brings his “A” game to the stage, and a lot of people appreciate him for this.

There are a lot of people that just want to stand next to him and take photos with him because he looks like Michael Jackson. Cortes is really one of the most exciting entertainers in the world of impersonating. MJ was his idol, and everyone that has seen Sergio Cortes knows that he gives 110% every time that he steps on stage. This is not an accident. Cortes is able to give it all that he has because he has practiced relentlessly. He makes it look easy, but he has managed make it look easy because he has studied the path of Michael Jackson.

Between the different albums down through the years MJ has had a lot of different looks. He had a lot of different elements that would allow him to build a solid show with stage lighting and dancers. Sergio has the ability to make some fans happy because he has seen the MJ concert footage. He has duplicated what Jackson has done in videos and concerts. The fact that he is able to study and perform the moves so graciously makes Sergio one of the most prolific impersonators. There are not a lot of people that never got around to seeing MJ perform when he was alive. What Sergio gives the new generation is a chance to see someone that they missed. He has recreated what Jackson has done in concerts and this makes him a valuable resource in the entertainment industry.

There are people in the United States that are trying to see Sergio Cortes live. He has a tour, but right now this show is outside of the United States. There are already a lot of performers in the United States that do Michael Jackson tributes. Sergio may be able to penetrate this market though because he looks so much like Michael Jackson. He has continued to perform and really keep the Michael Jackson legacy alive.