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OneLogin: Highlights from 2017

OneLogin Inc, a digital technologies firm based in the cloud, has a main focus on simplifying Identity management for their customers, Business and organizations around the world are already benefiting from the services offered by the more than innovative firm. Founded in 2009 by Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen, the fledgling firm is located in San Francisco, California.

The firm serves over 2,000 global enterprise clients including such big names as Dell, Pandora, Pinterest, Fastenall, and Indeed. This past summer they landed Airbus as one of their newest customers, a leading aeronautics and space manufacturing firm in the process of a major digital transformation within the infrastructure of their company. These are the types of clients OneLogin is helping with the transition of the global marketplace as it quickly moves into the future.

Brad Brooks became CEO of OneLogin this past August(2017). With almost three decades in the global technology industry it is quite clear why he is such a great match for the company. Aside from onboarding an outstanding new CEO in 2017 OneLogin was nominated by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 10 places to work, it is not the first time the company has received such an award. Glassdoor awarded them with “Best Place to Work” back in 2015. The company also vastly improved their app user login last year by adding machine learning to the process, making the actual login much happen quicker and smoother.

Products offered by OneLogin include, but are not limited to, Single Sign-On, Cloud Directory, Multi-factor Authentication, Mobile Identity Management, Cloud RADIUS, Desktop Authentication, and Web Access Management. Millions of identities in numerous countries around the world are currently managed by OneLogin systems. The company has received nearly $45 million in funding from such venture firms as Charles River Ventures, The Social Capital, and Scale Venture Partners since 2010.

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How to Use One login to Protect Your Company Data

As a businessperson, what have you been using to protect your data? Most companies have been using passwords as a means of controlling who accesses its data.

However, in the recent days, the data breach has been the order of the day. Passwords are no longer tenable in protecting your firm, precious information.

With the development of technology, password bumps and data leaks are the order of the day. Hackers are now able to break into your computer systems and release the list of passwords and usernames on the open web. If this is the circumstance, how then do you ensure that your business data and information is still safe?

The Use of Biometrics

With the current trends, firms will be forced to use “something that you are” or biometrics to secure their data rather than the traditional passwords. The use of biometrics can be divided into two-behavioral and physiological.

Physiological biometrics will include everything from voice to fingerprints, iris and facial pattern recognition. Behavioral biometrics will consist of things like keystroke dynamics, navigation patterns, hand tremor and whether you are right or left handed.

As you will note, behavioral biometrics lack the uniqueness characterized with the physiological techniques. As such, you cannot use these factors as the only basis of authentication. As such, you will have to use these methods alongside other information like hardware attributes, device data, and IP address.

The opportunity presented by one login here is for you and your security team to come up with the best combination of behavioral biometrics, physiological biometrics and password authentication that will improve data access management strategy.

OneLogin facilitates these methods through their integration system. The system allows the user to save the employees data on the directory. In case of any change, the data is synced and sent to the envoy directory. All that you will be required to do is to ensure that the system you are using is well integrated. In such a case, any changes that happen are sent to the envoy.

OneLogin is Out to Solve Your Data Access Security Issues

Security company data is one of the most critical issues for a company to enjoy continued success. Corporations should safeguard their data from any outsiders including former employees. According to Álvaro Hoyos post on OneLogin, many businesses continue to suffer from illegal access by former employees. He discusses that this is enabled by loopholes left in the system that allows them to enjoy access to the company’s data.

He explains that there are many cases that companies have been affected by activities of former workers due to lack of Security systems. For instance, he says some former employees go ahead to manipulate data like in a case where a former employee lowered reservation charges leading to huge losses. That was in a case experienced by Marriott Hotels. According to one login, 28 percent of company employees counts remain active even after parting ways with the company, and he says that this poses a security threat to the company data and privacy.

The OneLogin platform cautions that loyalty of former employees should not be considered concerning the security of the company’s system. He argues that, once an employee leaves the company, their accounts should be deleted ensuring that they have no access to the company data through their accounts. One login suggests that removal of an outgoing employee from all databases should be done by both Information Technology and Human Resource departments. He recommends on some of the software that can be used.

OneLogin’s security and risk management efforts are driven by Alvaro Hoyos who is also responsible for enabling customers and vendors in comprehending with the organization’s security and confidentiality as well as its accessibility. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business and masters in M.I.S from Florida International University.

Alvaro has notable experience for many years, having worked in several companies’ IT departments on data security issues. He is well known as an author of various publications on information security issues have been highlighted in many publications like CIO, Forbes, Bloomberg BNA, Network World and eWeek, among many others.

OneLogin deals with the provision of cloud storage services to ensure systems are secure. This helps to boost clients’ data security, save their operational cost by moving management and consolidate accurate user profile data with regular updates to the cloud.

Onelogin, Beefing Security at your Premise

Security is a right bestowed upon everyone. As the world evolves, so does the global security sector that tries as much as possible to protect the interests of the innocent. Through time, crime and terrorism have become real, factors that have called for the evolution of security technology. In the past decade, companies like Onelogin and Envoy have more than evolved, changing the way institutions handle visitor data during check in and check out. In the past, all of the vital information regarding visitors got documented in tedious and unkempt log books but with time has come digital technology that currently allows companies to sign in visitors through a digital platform. One group that has openly advocated for the use of the digital sign feature in technology is none other than Envoy. Using an iPad, visitors can feed meaningful information creating a personal account. By working hand in hand with Onelogin, Envoy has been able to boost the productivity and security of many of its customers over the past few years.

Envoy together with Onelogin has gone the extra mile of implementing the SCIM protocol, a technique that integrates all the information relevant to a particular visitor keeping all the data under one roof. As a result, the work of IT administrators has become much easier, especially for company’s security and human resource departments.

By using the SCIM protocol, it also becomes easier for visitors to have their data updated unlike in the past when people could only get booked through manual log books. Businesses can always adapt the SCIM protocol to enhance their productivity. Thanks to the SCIM protocol, it becomes easier for a visitor to book an appointment with a particular company employee. Since all the instructions get executed digitally, information between an individual and employee gets stored safely for future reference.

By constantly updating visitor data, Envoy helps diminish stale data giving the institution much relevance. Since Envoy partnered with Onelogin, operations in the company have relatively improved reducing any redundancies in the process. By adopting tech from Onelogin, Envoy is now more secure than it was years ago.

One Login has Some Unique Security Ideas

Login to all your devices with one application; now employees, customers and partners can have secure access to your company cloud and apps on any device. Devices include tablets, phones, laptops, desktops. The app contains a firewall. There is a single sign-on portal that allows users to log in. There is a single policy-driven password along with multi-factor authentication. Passwords designed can use the parameters of length, complexity, and restrictions. OneLogin acts as a secure directory, which means that the interface allows managers to manage users by themselves. Custom user fields are synchronized with apps and directories in real-time.

Onelogin helps to reduce identity management costs by moving it into the cloud, and eliminating directory costs for access management into the cloud. Onelogin can save hardware, software, and maintenance costs. The design behind Onelogin involves thousands of application integrations, which are included in the cloud and behind the firewall. Onelogin spares the client the hassles of managing directories with on premises directories, which are confined to the building. OneLogin offers Web Access Management as one software tool that integrates with your companies’ web server and commercial web applications. WAM provides behind the scenes authentication using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) – a program that allows users to locate organizations, individuals, and files or devices on a network without requiring custom coding.

Onelogin has implemented the SCIM protocol for user tools. SCIM stands for System Cross-Domain Identity Management whose goal it is to synchronize user attributes toward a specific application. SCIM allows employee data like first name, last name, emails, and office location. Onelogin has a feature, which makes automatic changes to the directory when a change is made. Also, Onelogin looks out for the security and privacy of its customers, providing multiple security programs. Onelogin will simplify company life.