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Upcoming Visual Search Start-ups

E-commerce is booming with retailers trying to get the attention of online shoppers. However, the problem comes in when customers do not find what they are looking for. The recommendations given by the online search platforms end up being disappointing, and this pushes customers away. Customers end up going to shop in stores depriving online stores of their client base. Live Mint posted an article on visual search start-ups explaining their importance in the online world.

Visual search start-ups are coming up to try and provide a solution for retailers and consumers. Visual help start-ups are assisting companies by enabling their users to discover products online looking at photos of the real object. In India, e-commerce is at its peak with leading online stores such as Flip kart. Visual search platforms are being created to cater for the demand.

Visual search companies like Mad Street Den based in Chennai offer visual search as well as visual recommendations to its clients. The visual recommendation engine goes through several catalogues and gives recommendations to users based on its findings. Most visual search companies are concentrating on consumer applications.

Fashion companies make decisions based on analytics without the useful intelligence to guide them based on visual cues. They are not able to look at all the relevant data at once. Currently, fashion companies can only see what looks good but cannot tell what doesn’t go with each other. Visual search companies are trying to solve this problem that will enable fashion companies to predict current and upcoming trends.

Visual search companies will give accurate results over time once they have the necessary data from retailers giving them enough time to plan for upcoming market trends.

Slyce visual research technology is a visual search company that strives to enable customers purchase products they see in the real world in magazines, catalogues and billboards. It works online matching pictures of products with similar items on Pinterest. Users get quick results and can make instant purchases.

Slyce users can identify products using their image recognition technology as well as barcode scanning and audio and visual recognition. Slyce aims to set new standards for consumer management as well as internet use and e-commerce.