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Orange Coast College – article recap

There was a time when larger universities called Orange Coast College men’s rowing team “The Giant Killer.” This smaller community college has bested bigger university teams a total of 11 times. For 60 years, the school has championed their competitive rowing team. Just about a year ago, the school again took its 11th National Rowing Title. In May of 2017, the pumped up team were at Newport Beach putting in last minute practice runs. The competition was to be held in GA. Watching a competitive rowing event is exciting. The distant boats seem to glide effortlessly across the blue-green water surface. Learn more:


The guys in each boat are giving it their best. They are sweating as they stroke each oar through the water. It takes time to build up the energy level needed to compete. Some of Orange Coast College’s rowers have never attempted this prior to joining the team. That’s why the success of the team is so important, because the new rowers obviously have had great coaching. This college has had phenomenal rowing team coaches. Most have made names in this sport. Ten of the college’s alumni have been competitors on the world stage. Some have made it onto the Olympics rowing teams. Learn more:


Sports are a big part of campus life at Orange Coast College. Most students are proud of their school’s sports heritage. The education gained during time at OCC is just as relevant. Students are pushed to excel in their chosen study fields. This community college boasts a high number of successful students moving onto other large universities. Some even get accepted at elite private colleges. OCC has an outstanding educational curriculum that offers over a hundred career paths for students to study. Along with the great education, students unwind by frequenting the near stretches of sublime California beaches.


Orange Coast College had been a major educational and sports contender for 60+ years. They constantly expand and update their facilities and course materials. This smaller Costa Mesa college has become a favorite choice for students desiring a community college education. Its future looks bright and promising.


Orange Coast Community College Receives Generous Donation

Orange Coast College has been working on the demolition of their old planetarium and the construction of their new planetarium. They unexpectedly received a very generous donation in the amount of $1 million dollars. It was received from a former retired professor that has a profound love for the prestigious college. Mary McChesney donated the money to the college to help fund the structure model for the pendulum. It will be a device that will focus to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation. Her love for the college has remained a focus for the 91-year-old retiree. Her donation will help with hope for a promising future and will allow for many people to enjoy the scientific aspect of the planetarium. Aside from her love towards the college, she wanted to make the donation in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin. Bonin was also a professor at OOC who taught German until she decided to retire in 1983. McChesney also retired in 1983 after 33 years of teaching English and Spanish. Throughout the years, McChesney has also been an avid supporter to many foundations and scholarships within the community. The planetarium that was originally built has been around since 1950. With all of the changes in technology and the advancements made through science, it was definitely time to start the construction of a new one. It is scheduled to be completed in the fall 2018 semester.


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Orange County offering associate of art and science degrees. It was founded in 1947 and offered college courses in 1948. For over 70 years, OOC has been providing quality education for many students. They are ranked as the number one community college in California, and many graduates move on to attend universities throughout the nation. They currently education around 25,000 students per semester and offer a full range of college courses during the fall, winter, spring and summer. OCC continues to be one of the top community colleges with their great location and exceptional professors. They are continually advancing their technology along with their classrooms to enhance learning and focus.

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