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S.J Clarkson To Be The First Female “Star Trek” Director

The as yet untitled “Star Trek 4” could break barriers in the blockbuster film industry with insiders revealing female director, S.J. Clarkson is slated to helm the iconic TV and film franchise. News of the rumored directing gig for Clarkson comes as more positive noises were heard regarding the chances of director Quentin Tarantino creating a stand-alone “Star Trek” movie which has yet to be given an official release schedule.

The arrival of S.J. Clarkson has been praised by most movie industry insiders who believe her work with some of the top TV franchises in the world could stand her in good stead for her role as the first female director of a “Star Trek” movie, according to the Variety. Despite the fact the arrival of S.J. Clarkson as the director of the latest science fiction installment of the franchose has become something of an open secret Paramount Pictures has yet to make any comment on who will officialy take charge of the J.J. Abrams produced movie.

Fans had been hoping for news of the Tarantino planned project but were instead given the news two new movies in the franchise are currently being planned, one of which is thought to be Tarantino’s stand-alone project. Rumors of the content of the latest installment in the “Star Trek” franchise include a return for Chris Hemsworth as the father of Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk who would come face to face with his son in a time travel-based plot.

Many industry insiders believe the move of S.J. Clarkson to the movie industry big time has been earned with a large amount of work already being completed on some of the world’s biggest TV shows including “Dexter”, “Heroes”, and “Orange is the New Black”. While welcoming the rumors of the arrival of “Star Trek’s” first female director, “Den of Geek” editor Simon Brew also stated his sadness that announcing a female director of a major Hollywood blockbuster franchise was something of a sad day as it had taken until 2018 for a woman to reach this creative pinnacle.