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Ryan Gosling’s Experience With Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling has a bit to say for his experience on working on Blade Runner 2049 and working with his co-stars, particularly Harrison Ford. One thing that he has to say is that working on Blade Runner 2049 is like working on 3 different movies. For one thing, it has to cover a lot of ground which includes telling a story that justifies the 35 year wait. There is also the story which apparently involves a fight scene with Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard in which he punches Ryan Gosling in the face. One thing Ryan has to say is that Harrison Ford always brings some fun and professionalism to the work.


This reveal from Ryan Gosling suggests that there is something going on in the story among the two leads. Perhaps they are not on the same side. However, there are tons of films which feature two protagonists getting into a physical fight with each other. This does nothing to give away the story. All it does show is that there is going to be some action scenes in this one. This is what the original Blade Runner didn’t have a lot of. However, it is not the lack of action scenes that have made Blade Runner suffer initially on release, it is that it was really slow moving.


Ridley Scott has also been seen with the crew. Of course he is offering his insight. One issue that Blade Runner had was that it was ahead of its time. Ridley has said before that it is not good to be ahead of time. However, one good thing about the first Blade Runner is that it has aged very well. The effects and the story hold up well even 30 years later with the newly released final cut that corrects a lot of the glaring issues with the film.


As of right now, they are aiming for an October 2017 release. Therefore, they are well under way with the project.