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Robert Redford To Retire From Acting Soon

Robert Redford who is popularly known for his wonderful role in the movie –Captain America, has recently announced his plan to retire from acting soon. While it may first come as a rude shock to his ardent fans who still want to keep seeing his unique acting skills, it is not a bad idea for him to quit acting at 80.


He launched his acting career while he was just 20 and now he is 80. Giving 60 years of his life to Hollywood is a rare feat which only very few have achieved. No one can say 60 years of service is not enough.


Within this period, Robert Redford has achieved enviable success in acting, directing and even as a producer. One can simply say he seen and done it all. Nobody can contest the fact that he is a legend, an icon and a role model.


The good news is that while he is planning to quit acting soon, he will still be working in the industry from backend. He will still continue to work as a director. While some people feel that a combination of the right role and an irresistible pay could coerce Robert Redford out of retirement, others feel otherwise.


He belongs to a category of people who take their time to think things through before taking a decision and when they eventually do, it is finally. It stays that way. Some of his greatest movies apart from Captain America are Pete’s Dragon, The Winter Soldier, Truth and All is lost.


Before he eventually bows out completely he has a couple projects he has to deliver. He is working on “Souls at Night” with Jane Fonda. The second project he is working on is “Old man with a gun”. This project is with Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek.


Robert Redford’s success did not end in his professional career alone, he is also successful as a family man as he has children and grandchildren. Living to clock 80 is also a rare feat in America these days. So Mr. Robert Redford is quitting the stage as a happy and fulfilled man. His fans can only wish him a happy retirement and all the best in all his future endeavors. His fans will be waiting patiently for his works as a director.