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Just What Will Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy Explore?

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters in less than a month, all the talk in the world of pop culture will soon be centering on the Skywalker family once again. Rian Johnson, acclaimed filmmaker in his own right, being the creative mind behind such indie masterpieces as his breakout film Brick, and cult hit Looper, is the director of the eighth installment in the legendary space opera franchise, and the powers in charge of the universe must be fans of his work, as Kathleen Kennedy, current president of Lucasfilm, has announced the director will be helming his own trilogy of Star Wars films after the completion of J.J. Abrams led Episode IX. With the Skywalker saga supposedly ending with the conclusion of this trilogy, however, many fans are left wondering just what Johnson’s Trilogy will bring to the Star Wars story.

Of course, it will still be a few years before Johnson’s trilogy is seen, or in production at all, and the company notorious for its secrets is keeping their premise deeply under wraps. However, initial reports seem to indicate that the films will take a step away from the Skywalker focused past trilogies, and of that of the stand alone prequel films, and will craft an entirely new hyperspace lane for the series. Recently at a press conference for The Last Jedi, Johnson told reporters it was that potential that made him so excited for this new trilogy in the first place.

Kennedy herself has echoed Rian’s excitement saying she believes the director will do amazing things with the blank slate he has been provided in this massive universe. This may be to quell some fans concerns that the latest in the saga’s offerings are little more than rehashing of previous stories, or endlessly linear driven tie-ins. Regardless, the series seems to be doing just fine with The Last Jedi predicted to be the year’s highest grossing release. It may be some time before we see Johnson’s new vision of the galaxy far, far away, but in the meantime, his latest Star Wars offering opens December 15th in theaters worldwide.