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George Soros: The Brain Behind Open Society Foundation

In August 2016, a graphic picture of George Soros, the founder of Open Society featuring an inflammatory quote started making rounds on different social media platforms. According to the quote, George Soros had allegedly hatched a plan to bring down the United States of America by funding “Black hate groups” with the main aim of creating animosity between the minorities and the majorities. These allegations came hot on the heels after another group had accused George Soros of giving out $33 million towards the funding of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

According to the circulating quote and rumor, George made these remarks during an interview with the Bild Newspaper; a tabloid newspaper based in Germany back in the year 2014. Contrary to what has been circulating online, there’s no sufficient evidence to link George Soros with the said remarks. Furthermore, the said interview which was “recorded” two years ago can’t be supported by the newspaper in question hence making all of these accusations a total fabrication. The only tabloid that had something close to the quote was a Tumblr page entitled “Overpasses for America” an article that was published two years after the said remarks.

The lack of sufficient evidence to support these claims is reason enough to label these unsavory remarks as rumors with no goodwill attached to them. It would also be hard to imagine that a man of George caliber can make such derogatory statements on . Soros has built his empire around the people of the United States, and it would be unimaginable for him to bring down the same country and the same people that he has been working with for decades.

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In a world where false accusations have always been used to bring people down, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that these are mere allegations meant to soil a rich legacy.

George Soros is a business magnate, philanthropist, and the founder of Open Society- an organization that has cemented itself as a global leader in supporting the growth and development of different people and organizations.

Open Society was founded back in the year 1979 when George started offering scholarships to the less fortunate students based at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Since then, Soros has never looked back, and his charitable organization is proof enough. Open Society on is driven by truth and justice, a fact that has seen the organization grow tremendously since its launch three decades ago.

Your Online Reputation Has Taken A Turn For The Worse. Now What?

All it takes is one negative review or comment and all of the sudden everyone is reading how terrible you and your business are. All of your hard work is quickly being erased and you are not sure what to do. Take a breath. There is plenty that you can do to fix this attack and a few things that you should not do.

The first thing that you should not do is do not jump into the same boat with those who are trying to bring you down. By being negative towards those you are attacking you will only make you look worse than what you do now. Also, make sure that your business is open and ready for business like usual. Your regular customers need to know that your business is continuing to stay open and provide the services that they have come to count on. This is also the time to maybe step it up. Go out of your way to satisfy every customer and continue to show that you are everything that you say you are.

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