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The Red Sparrow Debut With Jennifer Lawrence

Red Sparrow is a debut worth $17 million with an extremely mixed review. This is an R-rated, 2.25 hour, sexual spy drama. This drama stars Jennifer Lawrence and was made for the adult audience. The movie also proved Jennifer Lawrence can still fill the seats. In the past a similar feature called Salt with Angelina Jolie was a hit. The number for the general audience for the release of Red Sparrow were simply okay. The general patterns of movies have been changing for the last quarter century. The fact this drama debuted as well as it did is more of a credit to Jennifer Lawrence than the actual film.

Jennifer Lawrence has been given kudos for making a movie filled with nudity and violence knowing the media would have a feast once it released. Considering the rave reviews of Mother and Passengers the critics are wondering if Jennifer Lawrence is deliberately accepting leading roles in opposition to the current views of a strong female character. The true irony is in the version of Katniss seen in the Hunger Games. Apparently there is no reason to be a famous actress if all the roles are conventional. For additional details regarding this film please visit Your text to link….

Half the credit for the 2016 and 2017 Passengers flick with Chris Pratt goes to Jennifer Lawrence. The $300 million made throughout the world was excellent considering the budget was $110 million. Some people hate her, some love her and others are impartial. Despite this she still fills the theatre seats. Red Sparrow has not done great but the history of Fox shows their overseas totals are usually much higher than what they draw domestically. The worldwide total for Red Sparrow has just reached $43 million. The budget for the film may never be justified and the reason may be the budget itself. The movie did look expensive but the smaller budget was a risk in the new tricky environment in the theatres. The world is waiting to see what type of role Jennifer Lawrence will choose next.