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Jason Halpern: A Unique Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a unique real estate developer. His family has been involved in developing commercial and residential real estate for 50 years. That makes Jason Halpern the third generation of Halperns that have played a major role in developing New York real estate. Jason Halpern took over the family business, JMH Development, in 2010 when he became managing partner. The company currently has more than $500 invested in New York real estate. It include Class A commercial space and numerous residential apartments in Westchester County and 9 luxury townhouses in the greater Brooklyn area.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Developing historically significant properties is Jason Halpern’s specialty. And he has a stellar track record doing it. He uses his experience, unique development expertise, vision and foresight to make changes that improve the buildings but are also acceptable to all the stakeholders in the communities where the buildings are located. While he is passionate about these projects, he is sensitive to their historical significance, builds rapport with the people in the cities in which he does development and respects the communities in which he works. Those are his guiding principles.


Excellent projects in Brooklyn like the transformation of a warehouse at 184 Kent into 340 luxury apartments, the project called Townhouses of Cobble Hill and many other innovative projects across the state reflect Jason Halpern’s unique vision, expertise and creativity. He has also helped the company to acquire and develop a number of pioneering properties. This has helped the company to prosper and led many people to have even greater respect for the Halpern name in general and JMH Development in particular. They trust that when Jason Halpern and his team take on a project it will be done properly.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

But Jason Halpern is more than just an innovative real estate developer, he is also a caring human being. He has given to charitable causes generously of his time and resources and has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors. They include making significant donations to Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level 1 Trauma Center can now handle open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, complex emergency neurosurgery, reattachment of severed limbs and care for burn victims and people internal injuries that are life-threatening.


Halpern and JMH Development have created a partnership with Water, the global non-profit charity. JMH donates $20,000 every time someone purchases an apartment in their residential development Three Hundred Collins in Miami. The donations have provided clean, safe water for countless people in Ethiopia and Nepal through its support of Splash and the Relief Society of Tigray. And Jason Halpern remains committed to using his prodigious real estate development expertise to benefit as many people all around the world as possible.


TOWN Residential’s Look At 2015 In New York Real Estate

TOWN Residential’s analysis of the 2015 year in New York real estate was recently reported by Virtual Strategy Marketing, and their reports covers the facts and figures from the past year. The year in New York real estate was quite raucous with prices rising all year, and developers in the city were multiplying their profits with every new sale. This article explains how the year in New York real estate to an exciting conclusion, and there is a brief exploration of how the real estate market in New York will look in 2016.

#1: Prices Rose All Year

The big story in 2015 was rising prices in the city. Investors from abroad were coming over to spend their money, and companies like TOWN Residential were spending money to bring in new investors. Prices rose on consumer confidence, and TOWN Residential was selling residential and commercial properties often. Every developer in the city was happy with high prices, but buyers became weary.

#2: Buyers Had To Move Fast

Buyers had to move quickly to make purchases for fear that prices might rise more. There are several instances in which buyers paid for properties immediately to prevent a steep rise in pricing, and investors who came from overseas needed to close deals as swiftly as possible. New York became a haven for developers who were increasing their profits almost exponentially.

#3: The City Welcomes Development

New York City wants to see development occur in places where neighborhoods have been blighted, and the welcoming environment made it much simpler for companies like TOWN Residential to do their work. Projects were approved quickly, and developers had an opportunity to move on many projects at once. TOWN Residential even saw a rise in home sales because of people moving into the city to work.

The New York City real estate market exploded with volume in 2015 as prices shot through the roof. The sales figures compiled by TOWN Residential show a city that is still growing, but prices have plateaued in the new year. Buyers no longer have to scramble to make their next purchase.