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Michael Zomber Overcomes Injustice

Michael Zomber is an American citizen who was wrongfully convicted of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. He served 30 months only to have evidence come to light that exonerated him of the offense, a letter proving his accuser lied. He was given a new trial given clean slate. But to gain that important concession from the district attorney, Zomber had to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t hold the courts responsible for the injustice.

When he was convicted he had two young children and a wife that he had to abandon while he served his time. He suffered much mental anguish about his predicament. Yet, Michael Zomber with his thick skin did not waste his time wallowing in self pity while incarcerated, no matter how unfairly. He used the time to write seven books including “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan,” a fictional story of two days in the life of two Samurai warriors. As a weapons dealer, Zomber’s interest in weapons led to him becoming a student of Samurai weaponry and culture.

In addition to being a prolific author, Zomber also spent his time improving what he felt strongly about. He impressed upon the prison authorizes the importance of opening the library on time. He also used his time to write legal documents for his fellow inmates. His love of education inspired him to help inmates get their GED.

Michael Zomber gained a Bachelors degree in English and psychology at the University of Illinois and a Masters degree in English from UCLA. This background led him to write a screenplay that gained critical acclaim, “The Soul of the Samurai”. His interest has also led him to acquiring weapons previously owned by famous people like George Washington and Simone Bolivar.

Today, he has been featured as a historical authority on the TV shows, A&E and the History Channel. After having endured such injustice, it’s amazing what he has managed to accomplish since his overturned conviction. It says a lot about being able to overcome. Most people don’t use their survival of negative circumstances in a positive way, but Michael Zomber had the presence of mind to making him a prime example of overcoming.  Read more about this incredible man on CrunchBase.