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Casting Firming up for An “Independence Day” Sequel

Sequels have always been a perennial favorite in Hollywood, and we will certainly be seeing our share of them this and next year. Sequels for huge film franchises will be coming out over the course of the next year and these will include “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Jurassic World,” “Terminator Genisys,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and a couple “Ghostbusters” movies are also in the works. There is news of yet another sequel that will start production this spring with a summer 2016 release date. We all remember the city-sized alien spaceships that blew away the White House and innumerable cities in the 1996 sci-fi hit “Independence Day.” A sequel will be returning to this original film’s universe for another exciting adventure.

In terms of sheer scale, it is hard to imagine how they will surpass the original. The plot is not known yet, but the casting will have a mix of original actors from the first film and some new faces, which will include Maika Monroe from “It Follows.” One confusing fact to come out is that Brent Spiner has been cast in this sequel. Presumably it will be for a flashback scene as his character was rather gruesomely killed in the first film. Super fan of the first film, Ray Lane is excited as it will be interesting to see details come out about the storyline as production starts, and then the inevitable teasers and leaks begin to surface.