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Tom Rothman Is Riding Shotgun On His New Movie has confirmed that Tom Rothman and his production company will team up with MRC for a brand new production. The film will be called “Baby Driver” and it will be directed by Edgar Wright. Ansel Elgort who appeared in the Fault in our Stars is looking to secure the leading role. TriStar Productions which is owned by Tom Rothman will finance 50% of the movie while MRC finances the rest, while Nira Park and Working Title have agreed to produce the film.

Edgar Wright will have the honor of directing his original idea, while working with two companies that support independent voices. According to Rothman, Baby Driver will be the ultimate Rock and Roll car chase movie. This movie revolves around a get away driver that has gotten to be the best by doing things his way. During the movie he is forced to drive for a crime boss on a job that goes terribly wrong. Now the driver has to find away to escape the law, the crime boss, and his job. If Elgort does indeed get the role he will be following his appearance in Insurgent that is set to come out later this year. Baby Driver will certainly see a bigger push in the box office if Elgort is successful in his upcoming film. With Wright directing this film and working to his own beat let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride.

The Successful Life of John Textor: An Extraordinary Filmmaker

CEO and Chairman of The Board for Pulse Evolution Corporation, founded in 2013, John Textor, has lived a successful life in the film industry. Graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 1987 with a Bachelor in Arts. In the late 90’s Mr. Textor co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, a Florida based equity firm, which focused mainly on: internet, telecommunications, and entertainment.

With his excellent work ethic and leadership, landed him Director for BabyUniverse(a children’s online retail for goods) which occurred in 1999. Which later, thanks to his efforts led him to Chairman in 2002 as well as Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Later becoming involved in Michael Swerdlow Companies in charge of their corporate finances and strategic planning.

In May 2006 John Textor made the full-time move into the media world and became Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions as well as their parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, until 2012. Along with Mr. Textor’s time there, he was able to acquire many Academy Awards with the company for their efforts in over 80 motion pictures. Which in 2009 landed the company the achievements of being the first visual effects company to recreate a 100% believable human like digital actor in, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Having worked with so many films, 25 that were under his direct leaderships included huge films such as: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Transformers, and Flags of Our Fathers, as long as 22 others.

Well into his tenure career Mr. textor could now happily say that he has lived through some incredible career achievements. So far with his time with Pulse, they have successfully put together: Visual Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur which was taken to the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012.

Mr. Textor continues with his efforts to bring animation magic to viewers everywhere with his team, who are currently working on a new project titled, Art Story, working together with a veteran from Disney, Aaron Blaise. The future looks bright for this brilliant man and his incredible team with all their efforts. Who knows what they will have in store for our viewing pleasure.