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Success Means Fighting Tyrants For Thor Halvorssen

Spending time in hiding or avoiding the authorities in closed societies may not seem like living a successful life for most people, but for Thor Halvorssen and his colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation these problems are just a small part of everyday life. Halvorssen is known to the majority of people for his impressive work as a film producer of both documentaries and fiction movies; Halvorssen finds the most success in the work he has been completing as a human rights activist and campaigner for the rights of the oppressed.

For Thor Halvorssen the issue of how to live his life changed dramatically with the 1993 arrest of his father by law enforcement officers he was investigating as the drug czar of Venezuela; discovering a money laundering operation led to Halvorssen’s father being imprisoned and tortured despite holding diplomatic status in the Latin American country. This was followed by Halvorssen’s mother attending a political rally in opposition to the ruling socialist party of Hugo Chavez and being shot by a government official because of her political stance. A member of one of the best known political families in Venezuela, Halvorssen has looked to raise awareness of the loss of human rights of people around the world through the Human Rights Foundation that looks to fight dictators wherever they may rise in the world.

As mentions, Thor Halvorssen has been looking to fight for the human rights of people around the world for a number of years, with his first campaigns reaching public awareness in 1999 when he embarked on major demonstrations against Chinese slave labor laws. Working with some of the largest human rights activist groups in the world gave the film producer a large amount of experience in the community before he formed the Human Rights Foundation in New York City.

The rise to prominence of Thor Halvorssen has seen his experience and knowledge of human rights take him to some of the most impressive institutions in the world to provide information, including the U.K.’s Houses of Parliament. Over the years Halvorssen has been given a number of awards, including recognition from his alma mater of the University of Pennsylvania for protecting student speech.