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Grassroots Equality

Since the Supreme Court of the United States voiced its opinion in 2010 on the Case of Citizen’s United vs. the Federal Election Commission many Political Action Committees have come into being. These committees on LinkedIn are often created to support politicians in their endeavors to gain election or reelection. The problem in this is that there exist loopholes that allow for the existence of persons who donate to the groups to be anonymous in their contributions.

Some political action committees such as End Citizens United are attempting to overturn the ruling that allows money contributions to be considered a form of free speech and nominally granting these groups personhood in respect to human rights. These PACs are involved in helping democratic candidates whose will espouse campaign reform to get elected. The problem on is that overturning a Supreme Court decision is not all that easy. As David Cole wrote in The Atlantic April 2016 issue Supreme Court decisions are most likely to be overturned when the citizens show through state and local policies what they feel should be the law of the land.

By working at a more grassroots level in favoring candidates who are favoring campaign reforms that will call for transparency in all contributions above $5000 to political action groups and to non profits who engage in political campaigns; End Citizen United is attempting to combat “dark money” interests in the United States campaign finance system. They maintain while corporations are legal entities they are not people. This would allow for corporations to still be able to enter into contracts and to be sued as a legal entity instead of having to find the person that heads that entity. End Citizens United is advocating that a constitutional amendment should be passed that declares the lack of personhood of corporations when it comes to political campaigns. They support the legislation of Montana Senator Jon Tester that calls for the end of corporate personhood through Constitutional Amendment, The Sunlight for unaccountable non-profits (Sun) act, which would compel these non profits to disclose contributions over $5000, and the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act which would require Senate candidates to electronically file campaign finance reports on; which they believe will increase transparency and ultimately save taxpayers money.

While End Citizens United’s primary goal is to achieve a constitutional amendment that declares that “Corporations are not people.” through helping people that support and espouse such campaign reform. Their assistance in campaigns of senators and other politicians will work towards a grassroots support of campaign reform and in keeping the need for that reform in the eyes and minds of the people to continue that grassroots support.