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The Mighty Fortress Church Teaches How The Word Changes Lives

In some large cities, you will find a church on nearly every corner. Some make you feel uncomfortable, and some preach to a certain type of people. There are even some churches that even require a W-2 before you can become a member. This is to determine the amount of tithes that you need to pay. You will find none of this at the Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis. Here, you can feel comfortable because it offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. You are encouraged to come as you are, and there is no ritualistic services where they have the same order of service every week. Read more on

At the Mighty Fortress International Church, they welcome all races, and all cultures. They just want you to feel the presence of God, and to learn how the Word of God can be life changing. The church teaches Biblical principles through the powerful, and instructional preaching of the Senior Pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams. He is also well known for his authentic worship services, and his revelatory teaching. The Mighty Fortress International Church ministry is multi dimensional, and multi faceted in that it has outreach ministries, and support groups. The church’s vision is to be a dynamic church in the surrounding areas of Minneapolis, and to make every one a Disciple of Christ.

The Mighty Fortress church is a non profit organization who teaches using the Biblical principles as a focus focus for victory in Christian living. Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder, and Senior Pastor of the church, and has been serving in various capacities as a member of the Body of Christ for over thirty years. He believes that the Word of God is a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that is applied to the daily lives of those who believe. He also believes that the treasures found in the Word of God are tha answers to the problems that plague the world, kike sickness and disease, poverty, racism, social rebellion, and moral decay. He views his calling as the one to be the bridge between God and His people. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Bishop Williams is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication, and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. The Bishop has also received two Honorary Doctorate degrees. He is a married man with three children. They are dedicated to God, family, and ministry.