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Betsy DeVos Is a Generous Giver

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist who works to make sure that she can help other people. She is a part of a foundation that her family works on and they work together to make things happen for people who do not have the chance to make their lives better on their own. For Betsy DeVos, helping people out with their lives is something that she is committed to and something that she has been doing for many years. It has given her a chance to be the best person possible and to also make sure that the foundation that she works with is as successful as possible. As far as Betsy DeVos is concerned, helping people is her number one goal and something that has allowed her to be much better than what she was in the past. It is a way for her to make sure that she can do what she can to help other people out.

When Betsy DeVos first started working in the philanthropic sector, she knew what she wanted to do. She hoped to reform the broken education system. She was going to do this through the use of programs that had been used in other systems but had not been used in the United States educational system. Betsy DeVos knew that using things like vouchers and charter schools would be the best way for her to make the most out of her reformation of the school systems. She also knew that it would be a way for her to make a difference in the field that she was a part of. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The first program that Betsy DeVos implemented was the voucher system. She found that students who lived in inner cities and who came from poverty were not getting the best education possible. She knew that it was partly because of the broken public schools. She wanted to change this and made the decision to show people that they could get more for their children by using vouchers. These vouchers allowed poor children to attend private schools that they would never have been able to go to otherwise.

Reforming an entire school system is not easy but it was something that Mrs. DeVos was able to do successfully. There are now voucher programs that are being used around the country. There are also many more charter schools that are available now than what there were in the past. This is a testament to the philanthropic work that Betsy DeVos has been able to do and what it has done for the country. Her success with philanthropic efforts means success for more students around the country who need an education that is of a higher quality than public schools. Visit to know more about Betsy.

How Greg Secker Is Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker based in London, England. He studied at the University of Nottingham, and was exposed to financial trading at a very young age. He began his career as a developer of financial trading systems and interacted with many financial trading experts while at it. Greg soon realized how passionate he was about financial trading and started doing it fulltime.


Through his company, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has been teaching people with no financial background how to trade in stocks and forex and supplement their income, hence taking control of their finances and improving their lives. The company holds many events, both within the UK and outside, during which Greg and other financial experts speak on financial freedom and other issues. Besides Learn to Trade, Greg is also the founder of FX Capital, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software.


Greg Secker has written a number of books to teach young people how to successfully trade in forex. One of these is Financial Freedom through Forex. He was irked by the many myths that abound finance and economics, and decided to guide people in the right direction through his books.




Through the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization which Greg founded in 2010, Mr. Secker has made a huge impact on the lives of people in various parts of the world. The foundation makes contributions to various charitable causes, and also takes part in programs that aim to improve the quality of education, and teach young people leadership skills and general life skills. It has received several awards for its great work. Greg also serves on the boards of various non-profit organizations including Ambassador for City Philanthropy among others.




Mr. Secker is committed to helping people take control of their financial situations and improve their lives. Although he has amassed a lot of wealth from doing what he loves, he is not driven by money, and this is perhaps one of the things that have kept him focused on his goals. His books are very educative and have helped a lot of people improve their lives, not just financially but in other aspects as well.