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Choosing Beneful Dog Food For Good Health

Dog food is a topic that we do not really consider much, but probably should. Food is important to nourish mind and body and to aid in supporting the proper internal functioning of organs and digestive tract. All so much more important for our canine friends who work to protect and love us everyday.

There are many different brands and choices when we seek out food to nourish our dogs. Trying to discern between the different labels can sometimes be confusing. Many times the labels between one brand from the next are exactly the same, making the choice even more difficult.

Manufacturers can make the decision process even harder. Their use of terms can make deciding the food to feed your dog confusing and almost impossible. All natural, 100% free, these are all ways to try to drive up sales and increase profits, but what do they mean for you and your dog?

The best way to decide which of the 100’s of foods on the market are best for your dog is to make sure that the company that makes the food has a commitment to dog health and well being. That being said, there are a couple of companies that will ensure this. Purina is one such company.

At Purina the employees are dog owners too. They love their furry friends and want the best foods for them. These foods help their dogs generate more energy, have shinier coats, and brighter eyes. Beneful support the dog’s system no matter what their age or stage of life.

Purina’s team includes nutritionists and dog specialists that understand the needs of your dog no matter what their breed or how old they are. Different formulas for different life stages allows for your dog to get the food that is perfect for them.Whether seeking out wet food, dry food, or treats Purina has what is needed for your dog.

Beneful is one such food in the Purina line. It is made with real chunks of beef, chicken and fish. They include real grains like rice and barley, and real chunks of green beans in every wet can and every dry bag of food. The right mix of meats and grains also allows your dog to feel his or her best everyday and romp and play.

Developing a strong bond between a dog and their human is important to assure that a long, happy, healthy life is acquired. This is important not only for the dog, but also for their person. Bonding over meals with fresh meats, whole grains and tons of goodness is one way to assure that the bond grows stronger every day.

Why trust your dog’s nutritional needs to anyone other than Purina? They have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to develop just what your dog needs for every stage of his or her life. Purina is a name that can be trusted and has developed healthy alternatives for pets for many decades. Beneful benefits every dog.

Purina Cares As Much About Your Pet As You Do

Purina Pet Foods and Pet Care Products is a subsidiary of Nestle Corporation. Purina’s news has been around for decades and will continue to dominate the market producing products for people, babies, pets and health products; the name that stands for quality in the industry of caring.

Beneful and other Purina pet food products have been researched and tested for years by their team of over 400 scientists to meet or exceed all government standards while nutritionally balancing your pet’s diet and health benefits from all their products.

Purina has a new pet food service designed around your pet’s needs. Just launched is their newest brand called “Just Right”. You and your vet provide information about your dog and ultimately receive food specific to the nutritional needs of your pet.

This is a simple process that you can complete online. You go to the website:, follow the instructions and create the profile for dog by responding to a questionnaire about your pet’s behavioral habits, likes, dislikes, age, breed, and activity level. Include information from your pet veterinary and changes you would like to see in your pet such as coat health, skin or weight management, etc. You then select the protein your pet prefers. From the information you provide Just Right recipes will prepare your pet’s specific blend of food and ship it to your door. You get to enjoy the smile on your pet’s face when the bowl is empty and the tail is wagging.

Their philosophy is simple.
• Continue to raise standards for pet nutrition, exceed standards set.
• Continue to build on the quality standards already in place.
• Enhance the flavor and increase digestibility maintaining and enhancing nutrition that does more for your pet.
• Protecting the pet’s system while enhancing health benefits.
• Continue to be the global leader in pet nutrition research.

Purina believes in creating food that nourishes your whole pet from providing energy in their food, to a restful sleep at the end of a hectic ball chasing day through their cutting edge healthy nutritional recipes designed for pets. Aside from creating a special menu for your pet, you will be able to enjoy the health benefits longer from having a healthier happy pet.

To prove their point in pet care, in 2011 alone, one of Purina’s Pet Projects was to provide 1800 shelters and rescue centers with pet food the entire year. Compassionate and pet loving, Purina believes and supports loving pets that need homes and nutritional meals.