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Investing In 2016 Is A Challenge According To Former SEC Compliance Officer Helane Morrison

If anyone thinks that Wall Street has been reborn as a mellower and understanding group of vultures, they are living in an altered reality. The investment banking industry is a cut-throat, money grabbing, backstabbing industry that worships the dollar and the dollar alone. The investment industry has been free to make its own rules over the years. The Security and Exchange Commission has done its best to regulate the industry, but regulating the foxes in the investment hen house hasn’t gone very well. Helane Morrison, the former director of the San Francisco office of the United States Security and Exchange Commission, knows the loopholes that investment firms use to avoid taxes and make deals that are on the cusp of being illegal. In fact, trying to police the investment industry is a fruitless job.

Investing has become an integral part of American life and a relatively easy way to increase net worth, so almost everyone turns the other way and lets Wall Street do what it has always done. Unscrupulous deals are the always the special of the day for some investors and there is growing concern that this flimsy house of financial debauchery is going to self-destruct at any time.

Helane L. Morrison is now the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. But she is still aware of the games that are being played by investment firms. Government regulations are tighter since the 2008 meltdown wiped billions of dollars off the net worth of millions of Americans, but Morrison believes more needs to be done to raise the standards by which investment banking firms operate. There has been talk of breaking up the big banks, but Morrison knows that’s easier said than done. No knows how big the big banks are, according to Ms. Morrison. Determining the size and the reach of the big banks is a monumental task and it will take time.

Helane’s role when she was employed by the Security and Exchange Commission was to enforce, and regulate financial matters in five Northwestern states. She also had the responsibility of litigating since she was lawyer and a member of the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, law firm in San Francisco. Morrison is now part of one of the investment firms she regulated while she was working for the SEC. She makes sure that the transactions at Hall Capital are ethical as well as legal.


Ricardo Guimarães leads an institution in the financial sector dating back to early last century, more precisely to 1930 when his grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank. The grandson of Sir Antonio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth member of the family to play the financial Market.


Ricardo Guimarães under the management of the BMG has adopted an innovative approach to become a leader in consigned credit in Brazil. It operates through a lean and efficient team. It has over 50000 employees spread across every municipality in Brazil. It offers personal credit with low interests for a demographic with low default rates.


BMG has built an institution based on integrity and honesty. It has used the popularity of sports in Brazil to establish an excellent model. It provides sponsorship for various teams and football players in Brazil. Today BMG is the primary sponsors of football in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares is a fanatical football fan. He supports Clube Atletico Minero and served as its president for 5 years. It was despite his busy schedule. So committed was he that he reportedly used his money several times to finance the club.Guimares today stands as among the legends of the club in its hall of fame. He was succeeded by Ziza Valadares.


Despite this fact, BMG doesn’t support any one team. To it, business is business, and it’s strictly financial. It uses Soccer as a Marketing prop, and it has allowed it to have one of the biggest exposures in the country.BMG has the highest returns from marketing among all brands. It has leveraged a huge demographic since millions watch soccer in Brazil every weekend. Dino Blog recently come up with a story about Ricardo Guimares. The three letters are displayed in Orange every week in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares recently launched a new bank to offer personal credit to Brazilians. It is in partnership with Banco Itau and will see BMG gain over $ 5 billion in 5 years. The new bank to be called BMG ITAU PAYROLL is expected to have $ 1 billion as capital. It will be leveraged 11 times and is supposed to fill the need for cheap micro loans. The cost of finance is very high in Brazil, and most Brazilian banks avoid the personal market segment.


Ricardo Guimares says the bank will still stay in -the credit segment. It plans to float bonds in the international market to raise money. Read more here.

Darius Fisher Makes Status Labs a Good Name

Doxxing is one of the common problems over the Internet today. This is where a social media account is hacked and irrelevant information posted under that name, which means the owner gets his name shammed for something he does not relate with. There are worse examples where credit card or bank information is hacked and money is stolen. As such, there are a number of principles that one can employ to ensure basic privacy and security settings are in place when using the Internet. This includes removing any irrelevant information under the person’s name still existing over the Internet, frequently changing security settings especially on social media platforms to avoid any possible hack, and lastly, doing the occasional search of the person’s identity to get any negative feedbacks and do away with them.

Darius Fisher co-founded a company, Status Labs, that deals with online crises and fixing digital reputation especially for prominent figures such as athletes, CEOs and politicians. He is the president and the force behind the current buzz in town the company is enjoying for featuring in PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list that captures the best innovative minds and ideas of the digital industry for the year.

The company has attended to more than a thousand clients from all over the world, and Fisher has been able to relate lessons learned from his work to his strong personality today. As such, Fisher has climbed the corporate ladder and is one of the few people to receive honorary mentions from Yahoo! News, the New York Times and PRWeek. He first made the headlines when he resolved Ashley Madison’s hack and is now prominent for many other digital publishing resolutions in 2015. He is since working with some of brands belonging to Fortune 500. Fisher also featured in the Impact15 where he dubbed his presentation “Why the First Page of a Google Search is the New First Impression” in a bid to educate and enlighten participants on the basic privacy and security measures in addition to how search engine optimization, content development and public relation practices affect an individual’s online reputation management skills.

Darius has since been associated with the prowess of Status Labs, which has recently gotten into several partnerships with influential agencies in the country not to mention having one of the best domestic and international sales team in the United States of America. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and worked as a copywriter then political consultant before venturing into the online reputation management business.

CCMP Capital Restructuring After Stephen Murray

In May 2015, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital made a resolution to restructure and resume investing from its current fund following the exit of the group’s CEO and President. The company is in a situation of trying to make gains after the eroded stakeholder confidence. The former CCMP honcho’s exit from the firm triggered what is termed as the “key man” clause in the private-equity sector. Private-equity firms frequently identify a unique group of suave deal-makers regarded as Key Men. They are pivotal to the company’s investment strategies. If an exit, death or incapacitation happens to the key men, business is frequently prohibited from entering into new deals until investors decide the way forward.

The company opened discussions with CCMP Capital investors to alleviate panic when Murray’s departure was imminent. The economics graduate from Boston has driven the company to heights that made investors dependent on him. He grew the company from a small entity to a large corporation that is now a business leader in the industry. His business wit and charming conversation skills made him a point man for company deal negotiations. He served as CEO and President before his departure.

After being guaranteed investor protection, the limited partners endorsed a reinstatement of fund’s investment hence reassuring confidence to the firm as it searched for a new CEO. CCMP Capital is known for investing in companies like Aramark food vendors, Cabela’s Inc., and Quiznos sandwich shops. It underscored the usual value investors had placed on some key men when making multi-million dollar deals to a firm. Among the concessions CCMP gave its investors was that the firm’s principal men had pledged an extra $60 million. It was intended to demonstrate their involvement with the firm’s risks and fortunes. CCMP also planned to spend additional capital to acquire Murray’s stake in the company, as per investor memorandum.

Principals at the fund had originally pledged an approximated $200 million,for the growth-equity fund as well as for the mid-market buyout. Consequently, the firm updated the list of its principal persons for its current fund. Additionally, the company resolved to lower the minimum vote required from limited partners to set limits on the business on-wards. For example, the company’s investment period can be terminated if more than 50 percent of the capital investors endorse the move. It is a substantial decrease down from massive two-thirds. The vote of the firm’s investor confidence is vital in the globally recognized fund. The multinational company has satellite offices in New York, Texas, The Woodlands and London. It is now facing a challenging test of dispersing the former President’s roles in the entire firm. Investor Relations is bestowed under the oversight of the Managing Director. In the same move, the Managing Director who doubles up as the firm’s retail and consumer practice will oversee all finance issues.

Elio Fiorucci Dies at Age 80

Mr. Fiorucci was born in Milan, Italy on June 10th, 1935. This man was a visionary when it came to the world of fashion, in the 1960s and 70s, but what was his vision? He understood what people wanted, in that time, which was to have fun, and look good doing it, at a fair price.

Mr. Fiorucci entered the retail industry at a young age; when he was 17 he started working in his father shoe boutique in Milan. It was at that boutique, is where he started to understand how the retail business worked, as a whole, people wanting a good product, at a descent price.

In the mid-1960s, Mr. Fiorucci opened his own store in Milan, in which Susan McGalla got her inspiration, where he sold a variety of different things that all were tailored towards the swinging London scene, of that era. The products that he sold, at this first store of his, included; fluorescent hair tints, rag rugs, gold Lurex cowboy boots and disco-spangled glad rags.

The man understood what the time called for, as far as fashion and what the hip, young generation was looking for. This store was a pop-culture icon for its time.

His entrepreneurial interests didn’t stop in Milan, he established shops in London and New York too, New York being the most popular because of its location; the store was established on 59th street, a mere hop-skip-and-jump from Bloomingdale’s. He always had something new each and every month, which kept people coming back for more.

Mr. Fiorucci’s vision for change also paved the way for new fashion entrepreneurs to flourish, like Pittsburgh’s own Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla introduced her own ideas into fashion Susan McGalla wasn’t a part of the disco scene of the 70’s, but her own unique, enthusiastic visions for women’s fashion is why she is worth mentioning here. Ms. McGalla almost single-handedly was responsible for American Eagle Outfitters having a line of women’s clothing and accessories.

So, in closing, Mr. Fiorucci passed away at the age of 80 years old, but his visions and enthusiasm for fashion and the fashion retail industry won’t be forgotten. He will be missed by those whom loved and respected him.