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Paul Walker’s Car Collection Stolen

More than 30 cars were heisted from late actor Paul Walker’s car collection, just one day following his death. Walker, star of The Fast and The Furious film franchise died in November 2013, following a fiery automobile accident in California.

According to the lawsuit brought forth by his estate, Richard Taylor was overseeing the actor’s car collection at the time of his death. Within 24 hours after Walker was reported dead, Taylor or people affiliated with Taylor entered a storage facility and removed a number of vehicles without permission.

There has been a discrepancy regarding the number of vehicles stolen says investment banker Steve Murray. Some reports have listed as few as seven cars that were taken, while others list as many as thirty. The lawsuit also alleges that Taylor is in possession of several other vehicles owned by Walker, which were not kept in the same storage facility.

Some news sources have reported that the estate of Paul Walker is also bringing suit against the estate of Roger Rodas. Rodas was the driver of the car that carried Walker to his fiery death. The suit claims that Rodas’ estate has also illegally obtained vehicles owned by Walker.

Paul Walker rose to stardom in the mid-to-late 90s, appearing in popular films such as Varsity Blues and The Skulls. His major breakthrough role came with The Fast and The Furious film franchise, when he portrayed an undercover cop with a passion for cars, Brian O’Conner.

One website reported last year that nearly thirty cars owned by Walker and Rodas were available for sale.