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Dr. Greg Finch’s Qualifications as an Orthopedic Surgeon

In the recent years, there has been an increase in cases requiring musculoskeletal procedures. In the US for example, the number rose from 17.9 percent to 24.2 percent between 2001 and 2016 with patients from all age groups except infants. The methods involve the use of surgical and non-surgical application to treat different musculoskeletal conditions. With the increasing cases, there is a need for more specialists in the field. Dr. Greg Finch is one of the few professionals offering orthopedic treatment for these problems.


Orthopedic surgery takes different approaches in the treatment of patients. Arthroplasty is one of the standard procedures employed today. The procedure involves replacement or realignment of the articular surface of the affected musculoskeletal joint. Arthroplasty is a standard method regularly used on patients who have arthritis. The treatment process is used to restore the muscle’s functioning and relieve pain.


Another common practice in orthopedic treatments is arthroscopy. The process entails repairing torn tissues. It is a standard and fast treatment option for patients suffering from minor joint problems. The effective procedure is non-invasive and heals patients heal faster in comparison to other methods.


Dr. Greg Finch left Auckland Medical School as a graduate in 1991 and Royal College Surgeons Melbourne in 2001. After attaining his academic qualifications, he worked with some of the leading world surgeons in the US, UK, and Germany and gained extensive experience in the field. Dr. Greg Finch is a member of various associations of surgeons in Australia and has his interests bent more to the treatment of spinal surgeries. As a specialist, Dr. Greg Finch undertakes tests and procedures that relate to various conditions among them lumbar spinal surgery, spinal fusion, cervical spinal surgery and anterior spinal fusion. All these are situations that arise from different health conditions, such as injury of muscles, among other health conditions.